• DSEI 2017: Orbital ATK looks to extend range and accuracy with new 120 mm mortar initiative

    Orbital ATK has revealed it is working on a development beyond its 120 mm Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI) to address a requirement to achieve increased precision and range from 120 mm mortars for the US Army. Building on work that the company has already done with APMI, the new High

  • DSEI 2017: Patria NEMO Container completes land test firings

    Finland’s Patria has completed test firings of its deployable NEMO Container mortar system, the company has told Jane’s . During test firings throughout August, the 120 mm mortar system underwent firings while mounted on a Sisu ETP E13TP 8×8 tactical transporter as well as

  • DSEI 2017: Valhalla Turrets develops new RCWS, light turret

    Ljubljana, Slovenia-based Valhalla Turrets displayed two new turret systems at DSEI 2017 in London. Development of the Midgard remote control weapon station (RCWS) and the Asgard light tactical Turret (LTT) completed in early September, and was conducted through internal research and development

  • UAE develops new 14.5 mm RWS

    The International Golden Group (IGG) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has developed a new remote weapon station (RWS) to the prototype stage. . Called the IGG-RWS14, the designation of ‘14’ denotes that it is armed with the Russian 14.5 mm KPV series heavy machine gun (MG), which is

  • DSEI 2017: Armadillo TA-2 breaks cover

    Brazilian company Mac Jee displayed a new 4×4-mounted rocket system at DSEI 2017. The Armadillo TA-2 is currently undergoing development work and its 70 mm armament is set to undergo firing trials by the end of 2017 and to enter service with the Brazilian Army in 2018. Designed to be a

  • DSEI 2017: Stiletto Systems reveals new rifle and ammunition

    Ukrainian company Stiletto Systems presented its latest rifle, the STL-016, at the DSEI defence exhibition held in London from 11-15 September, along with a range of associated armour-piercing ammunition. The STL-016 is a .300 calibre rifle that incorporates a patented rifling designed by Stiletto

  • DSEI 2017: Lithuanian Boxer prototype expected this autumn

    The first Lithuanian Boxer 8x8 prototypes will be ready this autumn, according to Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, whose ARTEC joint venture with Rheinmetall is producing the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). Kurt Braatz, KMW's senior vice-president for strategy and corporate communications, told Jane's the

  • DSEI 2017: Penman launches new Metras MRV

    Penman launched its Metras family of wheeled armoured multirole vehicles (MRV) at DSEI 2017 in London. The Metras MRV is being offered in the 4x4 and 6x6 configuration, although both models share the same diesel powerpack and driveline. The vehicle features a welded monocoque steel hull that is

  • DSEI 2017: Thales to target NATO market with not-so-new F90 MBR

    At the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2017 conference Thales announced that it had released a ‘new’ assault rifle based on the bullpup design F90 currently in service with the Australian Defence Force, but with the intention of marketing it to the European and NATO

  • DSEI 2017: Praesidium Global unveils Pathfinder ISR solution

    Praesidium Global launched its Pathfinder reconnaissance system at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2017 conference in London. A complete Pathfinder system consists of an air-droppable crate that houses two Scout unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that are deployed to carry out

  • US Army aims to buy more Lightweight Carl Gustaf rifles

    The US Army is preparing to buy more shoulder-fired recoilless Carl Gustaf weapons to meet current operational needs. On 30 August the army announced it "intends to solicit, negotiate, and award a sole source contract to Saab Dynamics" for 84 mm Lightweight Carl Gustaf rifles in support

  • KBP unveils ShAK-12 heavy assault rifle

    Russia's Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau (KBP), a subsidiary of the High-Precision Weapons holding, has developed the ShAK-12 heavy assault rifle, which it unveiled at the KBP firing range. The ShAK-12 is intended for engaging soldiers wearing body armour, under light cover or in soft-skin

  • Nigerian Super Tucano package includes laser-guided weapons

    Nigeria has requested Paveway II and Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) laser-guidance kits for the 12 EMB 314/A-29 Super Tucano turboprop aircraft it is planning to acquire. The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on 3 August that the US State Department had approved

  • Kalashnikov expands small arms portfolio

    The Kalashnikov Group, a subsidiary of the Rostec state corporation, has been expanding its product portfolio. The company displayed its latest small arms designs at the Army-2017 military-technical exhibition held outside Moscow on 22-27 August. The company unveiled the compact versions of its

  • Army-2017: Kalashnikov demonstrates electric motorcycle for special forces

    Russia`s Kalashnikov Group, a subsidiary of the Rostec state corporation, has demonstrated a new electric motorcycle for special operations forces at the Army-2017 international military-technical exhibition held outside Moscow. The motorcycle is designed for search and reconnaissance missions in

  • Army-2017: Kalashnikov unveils BK-16 fast attack craft

    After the acquisition of the Rybinsk Shipyard, the Kalashnikov Group is diversifying its boat portfolio, which includes the BK-16 fast attack craft (FAC) unveiled at the Army-2017 exhibition. The BK-16 is intended for offshore operations, troop transport, fire support, counter-piracy and

  • ZALA Aero develops counter-UAV system

    Kalashnikov Group subsidiary ZALA Aero Group unveiled a manportable counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system at the Army 2017 exhibition, held near Moscow from 22-27 August. The company’s REX 1 system is configured as a rifle – it is on the MP-514K rifle – and is equipped with

  • NORINCO demonstrates GL5 APS

    China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) has released details on a previously opaque active protection system (APS) known as the GL5. The hard-kill APS was demonstrated during a live-fire display as part of NORINCO’s second ‘Armour Day’ in Bautou, Inner Mongolia. The

  • Private industry help sought to help kickstart ‘Make in India’ projects

    Key Points The Indian Army is to release 11 projects worth USD2.75 billion under the 'Make in India' initiative Indian private-sector companies are being asked to participate to short-circuit the bureaucracy involved with the public sector Daksh Nakra The Indian Army (IA) is to release a list of

  • KAC introduces enhanced Stoner 63 LMG

    Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) has developed a new version of its Stoner 63 machine gun – the Stoner Extra – Light machine gun (X-LMG). The innovative Stoner 63 was an early 1960’s attempt to provide a modular weapon system that could be configured to provide a variety of

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