• India orders additional Barak-1 short-range SAMs

    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has contracted Israel Aerospace Industries/Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to supply additional Barak-1 short-range surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). The contract, which is valued at INR4.6 billion (USD70.5 million), will see 131 Barak-1 shipborne, point defence

  • Raytheon views radar advances as a path for rapid LTAMDS deployment

    Raytheon has completed a programme and technical review of its Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) as the US Army programme continues its path towards the preliminary design review in fiscal year 2020. LTAMDS is the army’s programme to replace the AN/MPQ-65A Patriot radar. The

  • ARA develops Silent Sabre directed energy weapon

    Applied Research Associates Inc (ARA) has developed a 1.5 kw directed energy weapon called Silent Sabre that attaches to a rifle and performs similar to an acetylene torch at a range of 183-274 m. Joseph Paranto, ARA director of directed energy, told Jane’s at the Pentagon that Silent Sabre

  • New Russian weapons named

    The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 22 March new names for three weapon systems detailed by President Vladimir Putin on 1 March during his annual address to a joint session of Russia’s parliament. Following a public vote, the three systems – the nuclear-armed and powered

  • Saudis request more TOWs

    The US State Department has approved a Saudi request for another 6,696 Raytheon BGM-71F TOW 2B anti-tank missiles worth an estimated USD670 million, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on 22 March. This follows a December 2009 DSCA notification covering 2,742 BGM-71E TOW 2A

  • France looks to MAST-F options

    The French Direction générale de l’armement (DGA – Directorate General of Armaments) has awarded MBDA in France a EUR1.657 million (USD204.3 million) contract to submit detail on three air-to-surface missile options to inform a French Army decision on its Future Tactical

  • Senior DoD technologist favours kinetic boost-phase intercepts in the near term

    Using missiles to intercept other missiles during their boost phase is a more promising near-term solution than directed-energy weapons, according to Michael Griffin, the US Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) first undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. Intercepting

  • KBP unveils MTs-116M sniper rifle

    Russia’s Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Firearms (TsKIB SOO), a subsidiary of the Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau (KBP), has unveiled the MTs-116M bolt-action sniper rifle. Unlike the sporting/police rifle that shares the same product designation, the military

  • Russian Aerospace Forces take delivery of 'new' Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missile

    The Russian Aerospace Forces have taken delivery of the Kinzhal (Dagger) – an air-launched, precision-guided ballistic missile designed to engage ground-based and seaborne targets. Also referred to by its air-to-ground missile code of Kh-47M2, the Kinzhal has been shown being carried by, and

  • LRASM moves forward with successful test firing

    The air-launched Lockheed Martin AGM-158C Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) is on course to provide the US Navy (USN) with an early anti-surface warfare (ASuW) Increment 1 capability following a sixth successful test firing announced by the company on 19 March. The test saw two

  • Qatar to acquire Marte ER for NH90 NFH platforms

    The Qatar Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 14 March awarded MBDA a contract of undisclosed value to equip its NH90 NFH naval variant medium twin-engine multirole helicopters with the Marte ER anti-ship missile. Earlier on the same day the Qatar MoD announced a EUR3 billion plus contract with NH

  • USSOCOM boosts GBU-69/B SGM stocks

    The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) intends to award Dynetics Inc. a sole-source contract for the supply of additional GBU-69B Small Glide Munitions (SGMs) and related engineering support between calendar year (CY) 2018 and CY 2022, according to a USSOCOM pre-solicitation notice

  • US discourages Turkey from buying S-400s

    Turkey would like to receive S-400 surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems as quickly as possible, despite US discouragement. In a joint press conference in Moscow with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on 14 March, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu said, “The quicker

  • Russia unveils Kinzhal hypersonic missile

    The Russian Ministry of Defence has released video of a modified MiG-31BM interceptor conducting a combat training launch of a Kinzhal (Dagger, high-precision hypersonic missile, also referred to as the Kh-47M2). The footage, placed online on 10 March, shows the crew scrambling to the fighter and

  • US Army eyes type certification for new pistol by late 2018

    The US Army expects to type classify its new 9 mm Modular Handgun System (MHS) in mid- to late 2018, and meanwhile is fielding it to initial units. Type classification, whereby the weapon is no longer considered ‘experimental’ and drops the 'X' in its XM17 designation, is expected for

  • US seeks 400 GBU-49 PGMs as interim moving target munition for F-35

    The US military is to procure 400 Raytheon GBU-49 Enhanced Paveway II precision-guided munitions (PGMs) as it looks to afford the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) with an interim moving target capability. The US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), which is the

  • Brazil receives first four M109A5 howitzers from United States

    The first four of 60 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers granted by the United States to the Brazilian Army have arrived at Paranaguá in Brazil. The howitzers arrived earlier than planned after the Brazilian Army requested an expedited delivery, the service told Jane’s on 13 March. The rest

  • Czech Republic seeks new 120 mm mortar system

    The Czech Republic is seeking a new 120 mm mortar system, an official of the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) has confirmed during the Omega Conferences and Events Mortar Systems conference held in Bristol, United Kingdom. Lieutenant Colonel Martin Sufajzi of the Army of the Czech Republic

  • Aselsan’s LGK-84 laser-guided bomb kits undergo firing tests

    Aselsan has begun firing tests of its LGK-84 laser-guided bomb kits, moving closer to serial production, the company says in its annual report. LGK-84s will be mounted on MK-84 general purpose bombs, which continue to be produced. The report noted that Aselsan is continuing deliveries of LGK-82 and

  • South Korea signs for additional Taurus cruise missiles

    South Korea has ordered a further 90 KEPD 350K Taurus air-launched cruise missiles to add to the nearly 200 it is believed to have already signed for. The procurement of the additional batch was disclosed by a spokesperson for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) on 13 March,

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