• Brimstone 2 finally declared operational with UK Tornado GR4

    Key Points Flight trials on UK Typhoon IPA 6 already under way Typhoon firing trials scheduled for the first quarter of 2017 Following successful completion of a series of delayed Operational Evaluation trials in February 2016, the UK Royal Air Force has finally declared an Initial Operating

  • Jordan receives final Cheetah SPAAGs

    A final instalment of 25 Cheetah self-propelled anti-aircraft guns (SPAAGs) has now arrived in Jordan. Decommissioned by the Armed Forces of the Netherlands in 2006, the Cheetah (Gepard in German service) consists of a modified Leopard 1 tank hull armed with twin 35 mm Rheinmetall Air Defence

  • USN takes delivery of JSOW C-1s, its first network-enabled air-to-surface weapon

    Key Points US Navy F/A-18E/F pilots will be able to send data to JSOW C-1 to engage moving targets An IR sensor will enable the missile to 'see' targets as it manoeuvres to engage them The US Navy (USN) has declared initial operational capability (IOC) for a network-enabled version of Raytheon's

  • Raytheon plans to add more capability to AIM-9X Block II as USN boosts missile buy

    Key Points The rapid pace of component obsolescence led to Block II development Raytheon is looking to add Block I's air-to-surface software into Block II Raytheon has received a contract for fiscal year (FY) 2016 Lot 16 AIM-9X missiles, the largest production contract for the missile to date,

  • General Dynamics to update SMS for RN Wildcat helicopters

    Key Points New functionality to integrate the MBDA Sea Venom and Thales Martlet missile systems Initial software releases will be delivered in early 2017 for rig testing at the Leonardo Helicopters facility in Yeovil General Dynamics Mission Systems UK has been awarded a contract by Leonardo


  • Rotary recap: UK helicopter renewal continues apace

    After years of neglect that resulted in a political crisis during the Afghanistan war, the UK's helicopter fleet is beginning to see the fruits of a long-overdue multi-billion-pound renewal programme. Gareth Jennings examines this effort, which is seeing additional platforms procured, old types replaced with new ones, and trusted workhorses upgraded with additional capabilities.
  • Tomorrow's fighter, today: Saab promises future for Gripen C/D and eyes further opportunities

    The Gripen C/D combat aircraft will not be left to fade into obsolescence once its newer and more capable Gripen E/F stablemate enters the scene, with Saab promising future upgrades for the platform as it seeks to secure additional sales. Gareth Jennings explores the future growth plans for Saab's bantamweight fighter.
  • Steady as she goes: Germany country briefing

    Given Germany's history in the 20th century, the Bundeswehr has experienced a remarkable makeover in the past two decades to become a 21st century operational force, making it the dependable cornerstone in Europe's defence architecture, writes Sebastian Schulte
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