• Poland speeds up acquisition of reconnaissance aircraft for long-range weapons

    Poland's Armament Inspectorate is having discussions with industry on the acquisition of Plomykowka (Barn Owl) aerial signals intelligence aircraft and Rybitwa (Tern) maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft, and plans to speed up their acquisition, originally planned in 2023-2030,

  • US military deploys JASSMs to South Korea, says report

    United States Forces Korea (USFK) has deployed the air-launched Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) to South Korea for use by US Air Force (USAF) F-16 fighters operating from Kunsan Air Base, according to a Yonhap news agency report. "USFK has more than 10 long-range,

  • SM-6 Block 1A missile completes final land-based test

    The US Navy (USN) has successfully completed a third and final land-based flight test of the new Block IA variant of the Standard Missile-6 (SM-6) Extended Range Active Missile, paving the way for at-sea testing to start later this year. Developed and manufactured by Raytheon Missile Systems, the

  • Raytheon to leverage hypersonic R&D for next-generation AAM solution

    Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) is expected to leverage its expanded research in hypersonic weapons technologies to inform the development of its next-generation air-to-air missile solution as a follow-on to the current AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) capability. Over the

  • Som-A missile enters service in Turkey

    Roketsan's SOM-A stand-off air-to-surface missile, with a range of over 250 km, has entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), the Turkish Ministry of Defence tweeted on 13 June. "The delivery of SOM-B1s to the TSK has, meanwhile, been continuing," it said. However, the

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