• Eurosatory 2016: Airbus completes first trials of HForce helicopter weapon system

    Airbus has completed the first firing trials of its HForce helicopter armament system, the company announced at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris from 13 to 17 June. The modular system, which has been under development for two years, is intended to easily transform unarmed versions of Airbus' military

  • MBDA funded for SPEAR Cap 3 development phase

    Key Points An airframe and propulsion flight test demonstration was performed in March this year, with a prototype weapon successfully deployed from a Typhoon aircraft Subject to a Main Gate review planned for 2018, the UK expects SPEAR Cap 3 to enter service on the F-35B in 2025 The UK Ministry

  • BAE Systems, USN are looking to grow the list of APKWS users

    Key Points Five foreign militaries use APKWS along with the US Army, USMC, and USAF BAE Systems is working on a single software load for APKWS BAE Systems expects to see an increase in production of its Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) now that the US Air Force is using the guidance

  • ATAS to become a standard air-to-air component for Apache AH-64E

    Key Points Stinger moved from outer wingtips to fixed adapter on the stub wing pylons ATAS will be available to all domestic US and international customers for the E-model Raytheon Missile Systems has entered a System Design and Development (SDD) contract with Boeing to integrate its FIM-92 Block

  • Navy League 2016: USN completes developmental airborne Harpoon II+ testing

    Key Points The USN has completed developmental free flight testing of its next-generation AGM-84 Boeing Harpoon Block II+ OASuW missile NAVAIR will now begin IOT&E with the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet The US Navy (USN) has completed developmental free flight testing of its next-generation


  • Steady as she goes: Germany country briefing

    Given Germany's history in the 20th century, the Bundeswehr has experienced a remarkable makeover in the past two decades to become a 21st century operational force, making it the dependable cornerstone in Europe's defence architecture, writes Sebastian Schulte
  • Magic wand: RN Merlin force expands its repertoire

    The Merlin HM.2 helicopter is finding itself in increasing demand on the UK Royal Navy's front line. Richard Scott finds out how the type has performed in its first two years of service, and looks at what the future holds for the Merlin force
  • On the rise: Japan industry briefing

    Japan's defence industry is reshaping itself to meet international opportunities and respond to the country's new security environment. Jon Grevatt reports
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  • Eurosatory 2016: KMW launches new FLW500 weapon station

    Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has launched the FLW500, which is the latest entry to its FLW family of remote weapon stations (RWS) at Eurosatory 2016. The latest FLW500 has a typical weight of 500 kg above the deck but this depends on the type of weapons fitted and associated ammunition supply. The
  • Norway, Poland complete FIREX for NSM

    Key Points The RNoN and the Polish Navy have completed a series of live firings with the Kongsberg Nytt Sjømålsmissil/NSM during a live FIREX on the Andøya range Four telemetered missiles were fired against a target hulk; a fifth missile with a live warhead was fired against a land