• Barrier grief: US steel and aluminium tariffs threaten long-term shipbuilding plans and alliances

    By removing tariff exemptions for steel and aluminium imports for its allies, the US is forcing a review of its long-term shipbuilding plans, as well as security relationships between the US and longtime allies. Michael Fabey reports With his executive decision to essentially cancel exemptions for

  • Iranian replenishment ship back in action

    The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy’s (IRIN’s) largest ship is operational again after being overhauled, the Fars News Agency reported on 20 June. It said Kharg (431), a replenishment ship that the Iranian press sometimes refers to as a helicopter carrier, had put to sea with the

  • Brazil receives nine proposals for new corvette

    The Directorate for Projects Management of the Brazilian Navy received nine commercial bids to build four Tamandaré-class multi-purpose corvettes for the Brazilian Navy on 18 June. A shortlist will be revealed on 27 July and best bid will be released on 29 September. The corvette project,

  • Russian Navy commander highlights upcoming deliveries of missile corvettes to Black Sea Fleet

    Admiral Vladimir Korolev, commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, announced on 15 June on the official Krasnaya Zvezda news portal that his service is being equipped with Project 22160 Vasiliy Bykov-class patrol vessels. In addition, nine Project 21631 Buyan-M-class missile corvettes have been

  • Swedish submarine Gotland to relaunch after MLU

    The Swedish diesel submarine HSwMS Gotland will begin sea trials after its relaunch in Karlskrona on 20 June following a mid-life upgrade (MLU), Saab announced on 18 June. Gunnar Wieslander, senior vice-president and head of business area Kockums at Saab, said the MLU included the integration of a


  • Chinese SSBN development presents intelligence challenges

    Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines are among a state’s most closely guarded secrets. Andrew Tate examines the information available in open sources about China’s Type 094 SSBN and analyses how the submarine fits into China’s nuclear posture
  • Coming ashore: unmanned systems lead the way in amphibious operations

    Marines coming ashore rely on unmanned systems to provide situational awareness that lets them know if surf zones and beaches are free of obstacles, mines, and potential adversaries. Michael Fabey, Geoff Fein, and Pat Host examine the use and development of unmanned systems in amphibious operations
  • Greater than the sum of their parts: Benelux country briefing

    The Benelux countries have a long history of military co-operation. This is particularly the case with the Belgian and Royal Netherlands navies, which are under joint command, and the two countries’ air forces, which take turns guarding Benelux airspace. Nicholas Fiorenza examines how Benelux joint capabilities are improving after years of defence cuts
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  • Travis seeks VTOL UAV for base support and security mission

    The US Air Force (USAF) is seeking a small- to medium-sized vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to undertake support and security details at Travis Air Force Base (AFB) in California. A request for information (RFI) posted by Air Mobility Command (AMC) on 19 June
  • ASC International reveals its Hilux-based Hornet SOV

    ASC International displayed its Hornet Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) for the first time and told Jane’s that development of a larger 6×6 variant should be complete by the end of summer. The Hornet SOV began development in 2016 and is based on a much-modified Toyota Hilux. Its design