• PLAN commissions Jiangdao-class corvette into East Sea Fleet

    The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned the Type 056 Jiangdao-class corvette Quanzhou into its East Sea Fleet on 8 August, according to Chinese state-backed media outlets. The 90 m ship, bearing the pennant number 588, was commissioned at a naval port in Xiamen, in the eastern Chinese

  • RAN's first Canberra-class LHD begins final sea trials

    The first of the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) two new Canberra-class landing helicopter docks (LHDs) has embarked on final contractor sea trials, officials announced on 19 August. Lead ship Canberra set sail from BAE Systems' Williamstown shipyard in Melbourne on 12 August for trials in Port

  • Austal USA launches USN's eighth Littoral Combat Ship

    The US Navy's (USN's) eighth Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) has launched in Mobile, Alabama, and is undergoing final outfitting before activation in the first quarter of 2015, Austal USA officials told IHS Jane's on 14 August. Montgomery (LCS 8), the USN's fourth Independence variant, entered the water

  • US Fifth Fleet's Cyclone inventory reaches full force

    Two more Cyclone-class coastal patrol (PC) ships have arrived in Bahrain to round out the US Navy's (USN's) fleet of 10 forward-based PCs in the Middle East region, officials announced on 13 August. USS Hurricane (PC 3) and USS Monsoon (PC 4) are joining their eight sister ships in Manama, where US

  • Indonesia confirms acquisition of four Klewang-class stealth patrol ships

    The chief of the Indonesian Navy (Tentera Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL) has confirmed that the Klewang-class stealth patrol ship programme has resumed and that the service will operate a class of at least four vessels. Admiral Marsetio, chief of staff of the TNI-AL, confirmed the


  • Drifting apart

    Military leaders have warned repeatedly that the United Kingdom risks becoming a 'hollow force' unable to offer useful help to its closest ally, the United States. So is this the end of an unusually close partnership? Matthew Bell reports
  • More than minnows? Opportunities, challenges, and prospects for smaller navies

    Small navies find themselves obliged to confront unique challenges by virtue of their limited size and finite resources. However, Professor Geoffrey Till contends that context is all-important when analysing their relative proficiency and performance
  • Rearming Russia

    Russia's rearmament ambitions envisage the replacement of some 70% of its old equipment by 2020, but current funding levels suggest it will fall well short of this goal. Karl Soper reports
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  • USN conducts manned-unmanned aircraft ops aboard carrier

    The US Navy (USN) has for the first time conducted manned and unmanned aircraft operations simultaneously aboard an aircraft carrier. A Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and a Boeing F/A-18 Hornet conducted flight operations aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) on 17 August,
  • Supacat wins Australian special forces vehicle contract

    Australia has awarded UK-based Supacat Group an AUD105 million (USD98 million) contract for 89 special operations vehicles based on the latest version of the Extenda high-mobility transport (HMT), the company said on 19 August. The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) awarded the contract for what



    Type Submarine-launched remotely operated vehicle (SUBROV). Description The SUBROV (Submarine ROV) system is intended for use from a submarine torpedo tube and can be used for inspection, underwater operations, as a communication platform, and as an active docking tool for an autonomous


    Type Unmanned surface vessel. Description The BASIL USV is a small rubber inflatable boat remote-controlled surface platform capable of carrying various payloads. The USV can be controlled through a radio link and can be navigated in autonomous mode (route following and stationkeeping) or in

  • Comander

    Type Observation-class ROV. Description Comander is part of Mariscope's range of new generation, fully digital ROVs. It is equipped with six thrusters for high power and manoeuvrability making it suitable for a range of applications in the offshore industry, aquaculture, marine science, and the

  • Diavolo II

    Type Multi-functional remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Development Diavolo II is a development of the Diavolo vehicle which is designed for use in the security and offshore industries. Operational roles include site surveys, environmental monitoring, inspection of underwater constructions,