• Finland's Katanpää-class MCMVs head for operations

    Since their arrival in service in June 2012 and October 2013 respectively, the Finnish Navy's first two Katanpää-class mine countermeasures vessels (MCMVs) Katanpää and Purunpää have been undergoing a full operational work-up. It has involved a series of extensive tests

  • USC working on warships for Arctic operations

    United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) is developing a new warship concept for use by Russia's Sever (North) United Strategic Command in the Arctic and is building support and patrol ships for it, USC President Aleksey Rakhmanov said on 24 September. Among the new developments is the Project 21180

  • USN to provide recommendations on future small surface combatant

    Key Points US Navy leaders to brief the secretary of defense on their recommendations for SSC, the follow-on programme to LCS A final determination is expected to be revealed in FY 2016 budget submission As the Pentagon finalises its fiscal year 2016 (FY 2016) budget, US Navy (USN) officials will

  • India reacts cautiously to PLAN submarine visit to Sri Lanka

    India has reacted cautiously to the docking of a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) submarine in Sri Lanka from 7-14 September. The Type 039 (Song)-class boat, on long-range deployment to escort PLAN warships conducting anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden, docked at the Colombo International

  • Portugal set to buy Danish patrol boats

    Portugal is expected to procure from the Royal Danish Navy (RDN) four modular patrol boats developed under Denmark's Standard Flex (or Stanflex) concept. With technical support from the Portuguese Navy (Marinha Portuguesa), the Portuguese procurement arm DGAIED (Direção-Geral de Armamento


  • Army of adaption

    Now redeploying from more than a decade of large-scale counter-insurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Army is preparing itself for a future that includes new threats and a smaller force, a bigger Pacific presence, possible complex warfare in 'megacities', and a dwindling number of acquisition programmes. Dan Wasserbly reports
  • New model army: delivering reserve capability

    The UK is shaping its reserve forces for a future that will see them train and deploy on operations with the regular component as an integrated part of the 'whole force'. David Reynolds reports
  • Dawn in the East: Asia-Pacific naval shipbuilders on the world stage

    Naval shipbuilders in the Asia-Pacific region are now increasingly looking to export their wares within and beyond the region's borders. Ridzwan Rahmat examines recent successes, and considers the factors that are driving this emergence onto the global stage
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  • Boeing begins delivering new MH-47Gs to SOCOM

    Key Points Boeing has delivered the first of eight new-build MH-47G Chinooks to SOCOM The G-model has larger fuel tanks, an aerial refuelling system, DAFCS, and unique electronic warfare capabilities US Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) received its first new-build Boeing MH-47G Chinook
  • UAE requests more HIMARS, tactical ballistic missiles

    The US government has approved the sale of an additional 12 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) launchers and 100 Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on 29 September. Mounted on a Medium


  • AN/WLD-1 RMS

    Type Remote minehunting vehicle (RMV). Development The AN/WLD-1 RMS (remote minehunting system) is under development to meet the US Navy requirements for organic mine countermeasures (MCM) for deployment from surface ships. The system is designed to provide an off-board capability to meet the

  • DSAR Class rescue submersible

    Type Submarine rescue support Description The Deep Search and Rescue (DSAR) class of Submarine Rescue Vehicles (SRVs) is based on the proven arrangement utilised for the LR5 SRV, originally operated by JFD on behalf of the UK Royal Navy. The DSAR has a two-compartment hull, separated by a full

  • Folaga

    Type Hybrid AUV/glider. Development Fólaga, the Italian name for coot, an aquatic bird that dives to obtain food, is a low-cost, low- maintenance hybrid between oceanographic gliders and AUVs designed for coastal oceanography and environmental sampling. There have been a series of these

  • GNOM

    Type Family of mini remotely operated vehicles. Description The GNOM family of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) is designed for a wide range of observation and light intervention tasks in narrow, inaccessible underwater environments. There are three models in the range. GNOM standard is a