• Chinese yards show off new designs at INMEX 2014

    The INMEX 2014 maritime expo, held in Guangzhou from 10-12 December, provided details on a number of new or recently completed vessels built by various Chinese shipyards. The most interesting of which were for the China Coastguard (CCG) and other maritime agencies. CCG 1401 with a naval gun CCG

  • Italian Navy unveils fifth FREMM frigate

    Key Points Italian Navy unveils fifth FREMM frigate Alpino at Riga Trivoso, before shipping the vessel to Muggiano for final outfitting A currently planned delivery for December 2015 would see the navy receive the vessel two months ahead of schedule The Italian Navy has unveiled its fifth FREMM

  • Peruvian Navy orders new polar oceanographic research vessel

    Key Points Peru signs a contract with Spanish shipyard Construcciones Navales P. Freire S.A. to build a new polar research vessel Keel laying is expected in 2015, with the final trials phase for the new vessel scheduled to begin in December 2017 The Peruvian Navy (Marina de Guerra del Peru, or

  • Russia launches legal proceedings against DCNS, sailors leave St Nazaire

    The Russian training ship Smolny left the French port of Saint Nazaire on 18 December and is returning to Kronstadt with the 400 sailors and marines who had been training on board the Mistral-class vessel Vladivostok . As a result of France's postponed handover of the vessels (in response to

  • Brazil plans to expand submarine fleet

    Key Points The Brazilian Navy confirmed long-term plans to build 15 diesel-electric propulsion and six nuclear-powered boats The navy has completed construction of the main facility for the submarine development programme, the facility at which an initial batch of conventional and nuclear boats

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  • Junior ROV

    Type Inspection-class remotely operated vehicle Description Junior is a compact, long-distance remotely operated underwater vehicle designed and developed by Institute of Marine Technology Problems in co-operation with Far Eastern University (MPPI FEB RAS). The Junior remotely operated vehicle

  • LAUV

    Type Lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle Description The Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LAUV) is a man-portable, lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can operate in stand-alone or networked operations to a depth of 100 m. It has three sections: the nose (wet) section

  • BAT

    Type Acoustic target autonomous underwater vehicle Description BAT (Bersaglio Acoustic Telecomandato) is a non-expendable torpedo and ship sonar target designed to simulate the acoustic and dynamic characteristics of a diesel electric submarine responding to torpedo and sonar activity to provide

  • Eclipse USV

    Type Unmanned surface vessel Development Eclipse is a seventh-generation stealth remote-controlled or autonomous boat being produced by Al Seer Marine, an Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilding firm and 5G International, Florida. Description Eclipse is a 11 m mono hull craft developed for a wide variety