• GDOTS unveils Flyer 72 TUV

    General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GDOTS) has unveiled the latest variant in its family of Flyer 72 tactical vehicles at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Florida. Called the Tactical Utility Vehicle (TUV), the vehicle has been designed as a more agile

  • KADEX 2018: Orlan-10E makes international debut

    The Orlan-10E (E for export) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Russian industry has made its international debut at the KADEX 2018 defence show in Astana, Kazakhstan. The Orlan-10 system comprises two to four UAVs and a catapult launcher. Each vehicle has a maximum take-off weight of 18

  • Zetor unveils 4×4 Gerlach MRAP

    Zetor Engineering, a division of Czech agricultural machinery maker Zetor Tractors, has revealed a prototype of its new 4×4 Gerlach mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle at the IDEB 2018 exhibition in Bratislava According to the company, the baseline Gerlach has a gross vehicle weight

  • KADEX 2018: Russia presents export version of BMPT

    The Russian defence industry is presenting the export version of the BMPT Terminator fire support vehicle at the KADEX 2018 defence show being held in Astana, Kazakhstan, on 23–26 May. The Terminator has a combat weight of 47 tonnes and its powerplant produces a maximum road speed of 65 km/h

  • US to grant new hardware to Brazil

    The United States is to donate 120 M198 155 mm towed howitzers, 200 M577A2 armoured command post vehicles, and six M88A1 armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) to the Brazilian Army as excess defense articles (EDA). If the transfer is approved, letters of offer and acceptance will be signed with the

  • KADEX 2018: Barys 6 breaks cover as KPE launches new systems

    Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) has unveiled the Barys 6 ahead of the opening of the KADEX defence exhibition in Astana on 23 May. The new vehicle is a winterised variant of Paramount Group’s Mbombe 6, and is fitted with a 2A42 30 mm cannon in a turret taken from the BTR-82A. While

  • Nexter orders first batch of 40 mm CTAS for Jaguar

    Nexter has ordered the first batch of 40 mm Cased Telescoped Armament Systems (CTAS) from CTA International for France’s Jaguar 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), Pierre Clouvel, president of the Nexter–BAE Systems joint venture, said on 18 May. The order for 110 CTAS was placed

  • Konstrukta Defence unveils new 8×8 Eva self-propelled gun system

    Slovakia’s Joint-Stock Company Konstrukta Defence has showcased the new 8×8 variant of its Eva 155/52 mm calibre self-propelled gun-howitzer, which is also known by its export designation of Truck Mounted Gun (TMG). The latest 8×8 TMG – which is jointly developed by Konstrukta

  • Jaguar prototype unveiled

    Key Points A prototype of France's Jaguar AFV was unveiled at Nexter on 16 May before it is displayed at Eurosatory 2018 The Jaguar, Griffon, upgraded Leclerc MBT, and VBMR léger are part of France's Scorpion programme A prototype of France's Jaguar 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) was

  • Poland seeks truck-mounted scatterable mine-laying system

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate (AI) announced on 9 May that it is relaunching the Baobab-K programme to develop a vehicle able to scatter mines, with a 6 June deadline for bids. The previous call was cancelled in October 2017 because the AI assessed the development costs at less than a third of

  • Endeavor Robotics awarded a USD10 million contract to provide the USMC with FirstLook robots

    The US Marine Corps is to receive a number of FirstLook throwable robots from Endeavor Robotics via a USD10 million contract that was awarded in May. The FirstLook is a small, tracked platform that has a flipper system that enables it to right itself and to climb steps – the platform can

  • Rafael advances ‘downscaled’ Trophy APS development

    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems is preparing to test a ‘downscaled’ variant of the Trophy hostile fire detection (HFD)/hard kill active protection system (APS) the last quarter of this year. As part of its final qualification, the downscaled variant will be integrated with

  • SOFEX 2018: KADDB showcases Al-Washaq IV APC

    Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has unveiled the latest version of its Al-Washaq armoured personnel carrier (APC) at the SOFEX 2018 exhibition in Amman, Jordan. The vehicle, designated the Al-Washaq IV, is based on the Japanese Toyota Hilux 4×4 chassis

  • SOFEX 2018: KADDB unveils Al-Wahsh C2 vehicle

    Jordan’s King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has developed and tested a new variant of its 4×4 Al-Wahsh vehicle configured for the command and control (C2) and riot control role. The new C2 vehicle is derived from standard Al-Wahsh platform but has been modified

  • Netherlands awards support contracts for armoured vehicles

    Over the last two months, the Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded support contracts for its armoured fighting vehicles. Thales announced on 9 May that it had been awarded a six-year in-service support contract for the the Royal Netherlands Army's Bushmaster vehicles. The company has teamed

  • Hanwha develops 6x6 Tigon APC

    Hanwha Defense Systems of South Korea has teamed with the Malaysian firm AVP Engineering to offer the 6x6 Tigon armoured personnel carrier (APC) for a potential Malaysian Army requirement. The first example of the Tigon, which was completed early in 2018, is expected to undertake a limited number

  • New amphibious fighting vehicle proposed for Russian naval infantry

    Key Points It has been revealed that Russia's OmskTransMash is developing a proposal for a new family of high-speed amphibious armoured vehicles. Similar to Russia's Armata and Kurganets families, it would be produced in a range of variants to significantly improve amphibious assault capabilities.

  • Xponential 2018: US Army advancing unmanned Robotic Wingman vehicle technology

    The US Army’s Robotic Wingman Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) programme will advance from an armed, unmanned Humvee truck to a tracked M113 armoured personnel carrier. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) “is co-ordinating the whole

  • Minotor-Service details Vitim amphibious armoured vehicle family

    Belarus’ Minotor-Service automotive company has revealed details of its latest Vitim family of amphibious armoured vehicles designed for patrol, escort, and fire support missions. The baseline Vitim 4x4 vehicle features a welded monocoque armoured hull, providing Level 2 STANAG 4569

  • Excalibur Army trials T815 Patriot MATMMV

    Excalibur Army, a subsidiary of the Czechoslovak Group, has developed the Tatra T815 Patriot – also known as the Medium Armoured Tactical Multi-Mission Vehicle (MATMMV) – with the first example currently undergoing company trials

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