• UK loses Watchkeeper to accident

    The UK military lost another Thales WK 450 Watchkeeper to an accident on 13 June, when one of the British Army’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) crashed near West Wales Airport at Aberporth. The UAV came down close to the airfield from which it was operating, bringing to five the number of

  • Way Industries develops OMT turret

    Slovakia’s Way Industries has privately developed and tested a new one-person turret called OMT designed for new build tracked or wheeled armoured fighting vehicles or back-fitted to existing vehicles for increased firepower. The OMT turret is constructed from all-welded steel armour with

  • ‘BALTOPS 2018’ sees Mount Whitney put improved capabilities into practice

    The US Navy’s (USN’s) Blue Ridge-class command ship and 6th Fleet flagship USS Mount Whitney has returned to support NATO’s ‘BALTOPS’ exercise with improved capacity, as the ship continues a three-stage overhaul and upgrade process. In particular, installation of the

  • Eurosatory 2018: Elistair expands tethered UAV portfolio

    French company Elistair has unveiled the 60 m Ligh-T V.3 compact tethering station for vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL UAVs) designed to support dismounted and mobile operations. The Ligh-T V.3 comprises a carrying case which features a 60 m lightweight

  • Eurosatory 2018: GDELS develops new bridging system

    General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) has teamed with Pearson Engineering to develop the Variable Folding Bridge (VFB). The first example shown at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition is based on the widely used 8×8 GDELS-MOWAG Piranha 3 armoured personnel carrier (APC) platform. The VFB

  • Malaysia’s Kembara Suci develops 4×4 SOV

    Malaysia’s Kembara Suci has developed a new special operations vehicle (SOV) using internal funding to meet the potential requirements of the Malaysian Army. The service tested the vehicle in late 2017, although a firm order has yet to materialise. The SOV is powered by a Caterpillar

  • Eurosatory 2018: France showcases Fardier SOV prototypes

    The French Ministry of Defence (MoD) unveiled an additional special operations vehicle (SOV) at Eurosatory in Paris. A representative of the Section Technique de l'Armée de Terre (STAT) told Jane’s that two 4×4 Fardier SOV technology demonstrators had been manufactured ahead of a

  • Eurosatory 2018: BlueBird Aero Systems reveals ThunderB cargo variant

    Richard Fowler, Paris Israel’s BlueBird Aero Systems has displayed a cargo variant of its ThunderB tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Eurosatory 2018 defence exhibition in Paris. The new variant can carry a cargo payload of up to 4 kg in two capsules that can be fitted under

  • Eurosatory 2018: Horiba Mira unveils new Centaur 6×6 UGV

    UK engineering group Horiba Mira has unveiled the Centaur, a mid-sized multirole unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition in Paris. Centaur was developed as a lightweight 6×6 platform that can mount various payloads. “Having spoken to a number of different

  • Eurosatory 2018: Milkor to display newest prototypes at ADD exhibition in September

    Richard Fowler, Paris South African company Milkor will unveil prototypes of its 4×4 multirole armoured vehicle, MN Centurion high-speed interceptor craft and MA 380 unmanned aerial system (UAS) at this year’s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition, a spokesperson told

  • Eurosatory 2018: Streit Group unveil Triton-G810 armoured boat

    The Streit Group unveiled the Triton-G810 armoured boat at Eurosatory 2018 defence exhibition in Paris. The boat is 8.1 m long, has a beam of 2.32 m, a draught of 0.85 m, and can accommodate up to 10 people. It is powered by two outboard engines; the 250 hp unit gives a maximum speed of 80 km/h;

  • Eurosatory 2018: Yugoimport showcases X-01 Strsljen armed VTOL UAV

    Serbia’s Yugoimport company has unveiled the X-01 Strsljen (Hornet) vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle (VTOL UAV) at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition being held in Paris from 11-15 June. The X-01 Strsljen has been developed by Serbian firm EDePro and is being marketed by

  • Eurosatory 2018: Arquus reveals Scarabée light tactical vehicle to select audience

    Key Points Arquus launched its Scarabée light tactical vehicle at Eurosatory The vehicle prospectively targets the French Army’s Panhard VBL replacement requirement At Eurosatory 2018 Arquus (formerly Renault Trucks Defense) unveiled to a selected audience the Scarabée: the

  • Eurosatory 2018: AxleTech unveils electric independent suspension concept

    Michegan-based powertrain specialist AxleTech unveiled its next-generation 5000 Series Electric Independent Suspension Axle System (eISAS) concept at this month’s Eurosatory exhibition. Featuring custom-designed electric motors as part of the axle, the 5000 Series eISAS concept acts as a

  • Eurosatory 2018: Concept Ltd unveils LTMPAV Dino 519 4×4

    Poland’s Concept Ltd unveiled the LTMPAV Dino 519 armoured vehicle at Eurosatory 2018. The 4×4 vehicle can seat four passengers and a driver in a four-doored double cab, has a gross vehicle weight of 4.6 tonnes, and a load capacity from 700–1000 kg. It is powered by a

  • Eurosatory 2018: Middle Eastern MoD orders 70 DroneGuns

    The Australia-based company DroneShield announced on 14 June that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of a Middle Eastern country had placed a USD3.2 million for 70 units of its DroneGun tactical jammer. “This is the largest known order for tactical drone mitigation equipment of this kind globally

  • UK reveals days at sea for Type 45 destroyers

    Half of the UK Royal Navy’s (RN’s) Type 45 air-defence destroyer force was confined to port for most of 2017, according to data released under the country’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Act on 12 June. The BAE Systems designed-and-built Daring-class destroyers have been plagued

  • Eurosatory 2018: UAE to receive first Rabdan IFVs in 2018

    The UAE Armed Forces is set to receive and field its first Rabdan 8×8 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) in 2018, Jane’s has been told. The selection of the Rabdan was announced during IDEX 2017, with Otokar’s Land Systems subsidiary forming a joint venture with Tawazun Holdings

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth sails for shakedown trials

    HMS Queen Elizabeth has sailed from Portsmouth to begin a period of shakedown trials after a technology insertion period. The departure of the United Kingdom’s new aircraft carrier from its home base on 10 June will see the ship at sea in the Western Approaches for up to three weeks carrying

  • Russia reinforces robotics

    The Russian Armed Forces are increasing their robotics capabilities, the head of the Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) Main Research and Scientific Centre for Robotic Systems (GNIITsR), Colonel Sergey Popov, said at the 3rd Robotisation of the Russian Armed Forces conference held in Moscow on 6 June.

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