• IAI buys 3-D simulation technology

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has reached a deal to purchase TView, a 3-D simulations technology, IAI announced on 4 May. The 3-D simulations capabilities, which IAI bought from another Israeli company Tiltan Systems, will help IAI develop its unmanned systems simulations, the company said.

  • Mexican Air Force EC725 forced down by cartel attack

    A Mexican Air Force (FAM) Airbus Helicopter EC725 medium transport helicopter was forced to conduct an emergency landing after it was attacked over Casimiro Castro-Villa Purificacion, Jalisco, on 1 May. Three soldiers on board were killed and 12 others on board were wounded. The EC725 was on a

  • Poland looks to order 200 new helicopters

    Poland needs to eventually buy 200 new helicopters to replace its currently used ageing Soviet-made Mil Mi-8/17, Mi-14, and Mi-24 and US Kaman SH-2G helicopters, according to the Polish minister of defence Tomasz Siemoniak and representatives of the Polish General Staff. On 21 April Poland decided

  • Portugal deploys F-16s to Romania

    Four Lockheed Martin F-16AM Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft of the Portuguese Air Force will arrive at the Romanian Air Force 71st Air on 4 May, the Portuguese Armed Forces General Staff Public Affairs assistant told IHS Jane's . The aircraft of Squadron 201 'Falcões' and Squadron 301

  • House panel votes for one-year reprieve for A-10

    Key Points The HASC has voted to keep the A-10 flying for another year in the FY 2016 Pentagon policy bill The full House will vote on the bill before the Senate prepares a separate version The House Armed Services Committee (HASC) has voted to keep the Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II


  • Briefing: Turkish transformation

    The Turkish defence market and national military industries have been transformed over the past decade as a consequence of economic prosperity and shrewd, long-term strategic planning. Guy Anderson reports
  • Briefing: Lighter than air

    With the development of new technologies and materials aerostats are enjoying a resurgence, proving to be an inexpensive surveillance solution for military and homeland security applications. Martin Streetly reports
  • Industry briefing: Spanish succession

    Despite suffering from austere defence budgets in recent years, Spain still maintains a highly developed defence industry that continues to produce a wide range of major platforms. Andrew MacDonald reviews the country's current defence-industrial status
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  • Denmark selects Piranha V, halts artillery buy

    Key Points The GDELS - MOWAG Piranha 5 has been selected for Denmark's M113 replacement competition Denmark has also opted to halt its planned purchase of a new 155 mm self-propelled artillery system Denmark has selected the General Dynamics European Land Systems - MOWAG Piranha 5 8x8 to be its


  • YY-1 observation and tracking system

    Type Sensor turret Development The LOEC YY-1 turret-mounted EO observation and tracking system was first noted at the Asian Aerospace exhibition in Singapore in February 2006, where it was being promoted. It is designed for use on UAVs, helicopters and ground-based applications. In the latter

  • Rockwell Collins CNPC-1000

    Type Miniature datalink. Description The Rockwell Collins Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) - 1000 miniature datalink is designed to provide 'high-reliability' communications between an unmanned AV (including small UAS classes) and a GCS. System features include: the ability to

  • CANA Guardian

    Type Multirole tactical UAV. Development The main objective of the Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina's (CANA - the Argentinian Navy's Naval Aviation Command) two-year, USD164,000 Guardian programme was to develop a system to improve command and control of its surveillance and

  • Cyber Technology CyberEye II

    Type MALE surveillance UAV. Decelopment Cyber Technology characterises its CyberEye II MALE surveillance UAV as being designed for the detection, localisation and tracking of targets and as being suitable for a range of applications including emergency services/safety support, infrastructure