• PLAN fleet auxiliaries being fitted out at Guangzhou

    Images have been posted online of two Chinese fleet auxiliaries being fitted out at Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI). One is the fifth Type 903/Fuchi class underway replenishment ship. The first two Type 903s were commissioned in 2004, with a further two 23,000-tonne Type 903As were

  • Kazakhstan may commence Ka-226T production from 2016

    Kazakhstan's Aircraft Repair Plant Number 405 is hoping to commence production of Russian Kamov Ka-226T light utility helicopters from 2016, according to Russian information agency Interfax. The expectation of production commencing in two years comes after IHS Jane's reported in September 2012 that

  • Afghanistan to weaponise MD 530F helos

    The Afghan Air Force (AAF) is to arm its MD Helicopters Inc (MDHI) MD 530F helicopters to give them a dual role as both training and close-support platforms, the company confirmed to IHS Jane's on 15 October. The five helicopters currently in service (six were delivered in 2011, but one was lost to

  • AUSA 2014: US Army preps Apaches for sea-basing

    The US Army is preparing its Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters for combat in a maritime environment as the US continues its 'pivot to Asia', a top army official said on 13 October at the Association of the US Army's annual conference in Washington. "We'll extend the radar and we will also

  • UK Voyager refuels USMC Harriers for first time

    The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) recently refuelled United States Marine Corps (USMC) McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II combat aircraft for the first time using its Airbus Defence and Space (DS) Voyager KC3 tanker-transport aircraft. In the event, announced by the AirTanker consortium on 15 October, a

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  • AUSA 2014: Army outlines upcoming combat vehicle choices

    US Army planners will use the next several years to consider its next major vehicle investment - perhaps for infantry or Stryker units - and whether to proceed with a future combat vehicle. With the cancellation of the ground combat vehicle (GCV) for budget reasons, the army had to choose whether
  • China building 10,000-tonne coastguard cutters

    China is building two large coastguard ships with displacements estimated to be 10,000 tonnes, Chinese military news websites reported on 13 October. The ships are under construction at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai and will be by far the largest coastguard vessels to enter Chinese service. The


  • CFM Air

    Company specialises in development and prototyping; latest known own design is the Dardo, which flew in July 2014. At that time, CFM had not decided whether to sell the project to a manufacturer or to establish its own production line.

  • CFM Air Dardo

    Type Two-seat lightplane. Programme Exhibited, unflown, at Aero '14, Friedrichshafen, April 2014. First flight (unregistered) at Turin Aeritalia aerodrome on 16 July 2014, flown by Maurizio Cheli. Design Features Intended to have widest cockpit of any Advanced Ultralight, able to accommodate

  • Martin

    Company established in 1998 to develop Jetpack exoskelitor flying vehicle inspired by-and intended to surpass-impractical 1950s projects. In December 2008, received grant of NZD968,430 from New Zealand government's Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. Flight testing and fundraising was

  • Martin Jetpack

    Type Exoskelitor flying vehicle. Programme Developed, in secret, over 27 years by Mr Martin, who built 11 prototypes up to time of international debut at AirVenture, Oshkosh, 29 July 2008. Martin Model P11 (11th prototype) registered ZK-JME on 20 April 2011; on 21 May 2011, flying in UAV mode,