• Brunei confirms Black Hawk transfer to Malaysia

    Brunei confirmed its intention to transfer its S-70As Black Hawks to Malaysia on 28 January. In a statement titled 'Defence Co-operation between Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia', the Brunei Ministry of Defence said that the transfer of the Royal Brunei Air Force (RBAF) S-70As to Malaysia would take

  • Indian MiG-27 crashes on training sortie

    An Indian Air Force (IAF) MiG-27 'Flogger' combat aircraft crashed during a routine training sortie on 27 January, local media reported. The single-seat aircraft came down close to Barmer city, in the northern province of Rajasthan. The pilot ejected, though there were reports of minor injuries

  • Suspected Nigerian CH-3 UAV crashes

    Photographs emerged on social media websites on 27 January showing a CASC CH-3 (or improved CH-3A) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that had purportedly crashed in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno. Although operated by Pakistan, the CH-3 was not previously reported to be in service with

  • Bulgaria may switch MiG support from Russia to Poland

    Bulgarian MiG-29 'Fulcrum' combat aircraft may in future be serviced and maintained in Poland rather than Russia, national media disclosed on 23 January. The Bulgarian Air Force's (BuAF's) 12 remaining MiG-29 'Fulcrum-A' fighters and three 'Fulcrum-B' operational trainers could be sustained in

  • USMC loses UH-1Y helo in training accident

    A US Marine Corps (USMC) Bell UH-1Y Venom utility helicopter crashed during a training mission on 23 January, killing two crew members. The crash, which was reported by the USMC on 25 January, involved an aircraft from Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA) 169, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing,

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  • Iraqi Shia militia spotted with Abrams tank

    In an apparent reflection of the growing power of Iraq's pro-Iranian militias, an M1A1 Abrams tank has been spotted in videos showing a large convoy of vehicles operated by Kataib Hizbullah. The videos were released on 25 January on YouTube channels that are supportive of Kataib Hizbullah, a Shia


  • BlueBird Blueye®

    Type Small tactical UAV. Development BlueBird states that it has designed the Blueye® tactical UAV specifically for civilian applications, ease of transportation, quick deployment, autonomous functionality and spot take-off and landing. Again, the contractor notes that the Blueye UAS is

  • BlueBird ThunderB®

    Type Fixed-wing tactical UAV. Development BlueBird describes ThunderB® as being a 'small sized tactical UAV' that is designed for 'long [range] ISTAR or tactical mapping' applications in roles such as military support, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security/law enforcement, SAR,

  • Insitu Integrator™

    Type Multi-role surveillance UAS. Development Insitu characterises the Integrator™ UAS as being suitable for a range of roles including agricultural/wildlife monitoring, anti-piracy patrols, asset protection, BDA, border security, communications relay, disaster response, fire-fighting,

  • Insitu RQ-21A Blackjack

    Type Small Tactical UAS (STUAS). Development Using Insitu's Integrator UAS (see separate entry) as a baseline, the RQ-21A Blackjack STUAS is designed to provide 'persistent maritime and land-based tactical reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition data collection and dissemination