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  • AAK

    Company established 2003. Exhibited initial design, Hornet, at Natfly light aircraft fair, Narromine, 2004 and gained award for "Most innovative ultralight design" of that year. Second design, Wasp, first shown in 2006 and Bushman derivative of Hornet produced in 2009. Projects for 2014

  • AVX

    Founded in 2005 by group of helicopter industry veterans, principally from Bell company. At Army Aviation Association of America ('Quad-A') annual convention at Arlington, Virginia, 14 to 17 April 2010, AVX showed model of compound helicopter configuration that combines proven technologies to

  • BHR

    Formed in 2006; took occupation of 2,000 m² plant at Anglet in March 2011, and added 1,800 m² factory at Technocity Bayonne in 2011. Production arm of company is known as BHR Hélitechnica. M Bernuchon has been developing helicopters since 1987, starting with ultralight 1-3 intended

  • Boeing

    Company founded July 1916. Currently organised into major business segments as detailed below, plus several smaller elements. Revenues for 2012 were USD81.7 billion, rising to USD86.6 billion in 2013. Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merger under the Boeing name was completed on 4 August 1997,