• Pilots killed in Chinese trainer aircraft crash

    Chinese news media have reported a fatal accident involving a training aircraft on 13 May, thought to be from the Naval Aviation Academy at Huludao. The 27-year-old instructor and 22-year-old student pilot were killed when the aircraft crashed following an engine failure caused by fire. Coverage on

  • Saudi F-15 not lost over Yemen

    Saudi sources have denied claims that an F-15 crashed in Yemen on the night of 23-24 May. The claims made by various Yemeni media organisations were prompted by photographs and videos purportedly showing the wreckage of the aircraft that had crashed near the capital Sanaa during an attempt to bomb

  • Egypt reportedly to buy 46 MiG-29s

    Egypt has agreed a deal to buy 46 MiG-29 multirole fighters in a deal that could be worth around USD2 billion, Russian business daily Vedomosti reported on 25 May. The deal is expected to be signed in "the nearest future", according to two sources in the Russian aviation industry cited by

  • First upgraded Skyhawk jet handed over to Brazil

    The Brazilian Navy took delivery of its first upgraded Douglas AF-1 Skyhawk from aerospace conglomerate Embraer on 26 May under the A-4BR programme. The single-seat AF-1 has now been redesignated AF-1B and is expected to remain in service until 2028. The upgraded twin-seat aircraft will be

  • H225M Caracal passes Polish helicopter trials

    The Airbus Helicopters H225M Caracal has passed Polish state trials, the Polish Ministry of National Defence (MoND) announced on 27 May. The announcement paves the way for the signing of a PLN13 billion (USD3.5 billion) contract for 50 helicopters, following the preselection of the Caracal

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  • IDF armoured brigade adopts Humvees for reconnaissance

    An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reconnaissance company supporting a Merkava Mk 4 tank brigade has adopted unarmoured Humvees as its preferred mode of transport in combat zones. The 401st Armored Brigade's reconnaissance company made the transition in recent months after using Humvees armed with FN
  • Israeli Navy expands role of RHIB unit

    The Israeli Navy is assigning more offensive roles to one of its three fast inflatable boat units that are traditionally used for port security missions, a senior naval source said on 27 May. The three Snapir (Fin) units operate small rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) made by US-based Safe


  • YY-1 observation and tracking system

    Type Sensor turret Development The LOEC YY-1 turret-mounted EO observation and tracking system was first noted at the Asian Aerospace exhibition in Singapore in February 2006, where it was being promoted. It is designed for use on UAVs, helicopters and ground-based applications. In the latter

  • Rockwell Collins CNPC-1000

    Type Miniature datalink. Description The Rockwell Collins Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) - 1000 miniature datalink is designed to provide 'high-reliability' communications between an unmanned AV (including small UAS classes) and a GCS. System features include: the ability to

  • CANA Guardian

    Type Multirole tactical UAV. Development The main objective of the Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina's (CANA - the Argentinian Navy's Naval Aviation Command) two-year, USD164,000 Guardian programme was to develop a system to improve command and control of its surveillance and

  • Cyber Technology CyberEye II

    Type MALE surveillance UAV. Decelopment Cyber Technology characterises its CyberEye II MALE surveillance UAV as being designed for the detection, localisation and tracking of targets and as being suitable for a range of applications including emergency services/safety support, infrastructure