• Brazil boosts Seahawk operations

    The Brazilian Navy has expanded the capabilities of its six Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk multirole helicopters. Known by its local designation of SH-16, six of these helicopters are operated by Squadron HS-1 from São Pedro Naval Air Base (BAeNSPA). Four SH-16s were received in August 2012 and

  • DARPA aims to preserve US lead in electronics

    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is planning to invest up to USD1.5 billion in the coming years to ensure the United States remains the world leader in the electronics field. Working closely with the electronics industry, DARPA is seeking to create indigenous

  • Czech Republic seeks new 120 mm mortar system

    The Czech Republic is seeking a new 120 mm mortar system, an official of the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) has confirmed during the Omega Conferences and Events Mortar Systems conference held in Bristol, United Kingdom. Lieutenant Colonel Martin Sufajzi of the Army of the Czech Republic

  • Draper technology could extend sensor life

    The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (Draper) has developed a sensor chip that activates only when it detects an acoustic signal or vibration, thus eliminating the need for a microphone and requiring less power to operate. By redesigning the sensor as a microelectromechanical system (MEMS), Draper

  • PacStar and Fidelis introduce cyber solution for mobile forces

    PacStar and Fidelis Cybersecurity have developed an integrated cybersecurity capability for tactical networks. The PacStar Tactical Fidelis Cybersecurity System provides automated detection and response for protecting in-theatre communications. The system can be mounted in a vehicle or set up in

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  • Luftwaffe chief dismissed over F-35 support

    The Chief of the Luftwaffe is to leave his position in large part due to his support for a German procurement of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Jane’s has learned. Lieutenant General Karl Müllner will leave his position by the end of May, with the news