• Japan outlines submarine modernisation efforts

    An effort that was initiated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) to modernise its undersea warfare capabilities in 2012 is on track to deliver the planned fleet of 22 diesel-electric submarines required for the country’s defence needs by the early 2020s called for under the

  • Safran to lead ‘Furious’ project

    France’s Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) has contracted Safran Electronics & Defense to consider the future integration of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) into the wider Scorpion soldier modernisation programme. Project ‘Furious’ will comprise a

  • US Army’s Modular Handgun System struggled with shooting ball ammunition

    The US Army’s new 9 mm Modular Handgun System (MHS) suffered several issues during testing with ball ammunition, but passed its tests with jacketed hollow point expanding rounds. During the MHS' product verification test (PVT), the Pentagon's testing office found the pistols suffered a

  • Boeing continues T-45 SLEP effort with Phase 2 contract

    Boeing has been contracted to undertake the second phase of service-life extension programme (SLEP) of the US Navy’s (USN’s) fleet of T-45 Goshawk jet trainer aircraft, it was announced in late January. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has been awarded USD12.6 million by the

  • China’s AVIC aims to roll out Wing Loong I-D in 2018

    State-owned aerospace and defence prime Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) will expand its Wing Loong family of strike-capable reconnaissance medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (MALE UAVs) with the Wing Loong I-D platform, state news agencies reported on 25 January.

  • Raytheon targets cyber force training requirement

    Raytheon has been demonstrating a proof-of-concept cyber trainer in advance of an expected solicitation for a Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) from the US Army. The army is seeking a training platform that enables cyber mission forces (CMF) to train in emulated network environments

  • DOT&E report highlights ongoing cyber concerns

    US Department of Defense (DoD) network defences contain exploitable problems that give adversaries opportunities to access its networks, according to the FY17 Annual Report from The Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E). While network defences have improved, almost all

  • Slovakia fields new tracked reconnaissance vehicles

    The ground forces of the Slovak Armed Forces have taken delivery of 18 Bojove Prieskumne Vozidlo ISTAR (BPsVI) vehicles as of mid-2017, Jane’s learnt. The BPsVI is a modernised variant of the ground forces’ BPsV ‘Svatava’ tracked reconnaissance platform, which is based on the

  • BAE Systems introduces CV90 MkIV

    BAE Systems took the opportunity at the IQPC International Armoured Vehicles 2018 conference in London to launch the CV90 MkIV, which is the latest member of its CV90 family of armoured vehicles. According to BAE Systems, the latest CV90 MkIV has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 37 tonnes – up

  • CMI Defence outlines UAV integration

    CMI Defence has provided details on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) integration onto its turret systems. Speaking to Jane's at the IQPC International Armoured Vehicles 2018 conference, a representative from CMI Defence said that the integration was completed approximately 18 months ago following a

  • DOT&E reveals progress on 5GAT aerial target

    The Pentagon’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) has revealed that the US Department of Defense (DoD) is advancing development and testing of a Fifth-Generation Aerial Target (5GAT) to replicate the stealth and performance characteristics of the latest Russian and Chinese

  • Harpoon Block II+ completes operational test shot

    The US Navy (USN) has completed a live-fire test of the Boeing AGM-84N Harpoon Block II+ anti-ship missile demonstrating interoperability with the latest F/A-18E/F Super Hornet software upgrade. A modification of the existing AGM-84D Harpoon Block 1C missile, the Block II+ weapon is a net-enabled,

  • RCN eyes new UAS capabilities

    The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is in the process of acquiring several unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), service spokesperson Captain Rick Donnelly told Jane’s . The first project will provide a Maritime Miniature Small Unmanned Aircraft System (MMUAS) for shipborne intelligence, surveillance,

  • Philippines boosts C4ISTAR capabilities

    Harris Corporation’s Radio Frequency (RF) Communications division has been awarded a US Foreign Military Sales contract worth an estimated USD44.85 million to supply a command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (C4ISTAR)

  • Thales unveils Bushmaster MR6

    Thales has revealed its latest version of its 4×4 Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle at the IQPC International Armoured Vehicles 2018 conference in London. The vehicle, called the Bushmaster MR6, is being showcased in the ambulance configuration and features several upgrades compared with

  • US Army seeks improved handheld mine detection capability

    The US Army has developed a prototype location tracking capability for handheld mine sweeping devices that converts traditional audio signals that indicate the presence of a buried object into a visual display. By visualising these audio cues, researchers at the army’s Research, Development

  • UTC Aerospace readies AN/VVR-4 laser warning system

    UTC Aerospace has provided Jane's with details of its AN/VVR-4 laser warning receiver which has been designed as a common laser warning system for all US armoured vehicles. The new system is a follow-on to the AN/VVR-3 and designed to detect and classify laser threats, including range

  • France, Italy, UK renew ISS contract with Eurosam

    The governments of France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, under the auspices of the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR), have signed a new five-year In Service Support (ISS) contract with Eurosam – a Franco-Italian consortium jointly owned by MBDA France/MBDA Italy (66%), and

  • GA-ASI demonstrates MQ-9B SATCOM launch and recovery feature

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) successfully demonstrated in December its latest Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC) using a satellite communications (SATCOM) data link for its MQ-9B SkyGuardian/SeaGuardian unmanned aerial system (UAS), according to a company statement.

  • AFRL plans C-UAS directed energy weapon demonstration

    The US Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL’s) Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation Group (SDPE) is planning to demonstrate the application of directed energy technologies – lasers and high-power microwave devices – to defeat unmanned aircraft systems (UASs).

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