• US strengthens capacity building efforts across Asia Pacific with expeditionary fast transport ships

    Key Points The US Navy has expanded on the scope and involvement of its Spearhead-class fast transport ships in a series of humanitarian and capacity building missions Vessel type is proving out to be an instrumental component of the service’s effort to strengthen relationships with partners

  • FSS competition raises ire as UK calls for expressions of interest

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is pressing ahead with plans to compete the build of up to three new solid support ships on the international market despite calls from opposition politicians and unions for the contract to be brought onshore. Interested ship designers and shipbuilders have been

  • Indonesia’s second Nagapasa-class submarine arrives home

    Key Points The Indonesian Navy has received its second South Korean-built diesel-electric boat Service is on track to operate a fleet of four submarines, including two older boats, in 2018 The Indonesian Navy’s (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL’s) second

  • Philippine Navy’s Jacinto class on track to conclude combat systems restoration in 2018

    Key Points A third phase to extend service life of the Philippine Navy’s Jacinto-class corvettes is expected to complete by end-2018 Restorations are expected to cap a multiphase series of upgrade efforts that have been ongoing since the mid-2000s A project to restore combat systems of the

  • Singapore Navy opts for partial helicopter capability across Independence class

    Key Points Only four of the eight littoral mission vessels to be operated by the Republic of Singapore Navy are helicopter capable Service will likely validate the utility of helicopter operations on the vessel type before expanding on this capability across the class A series of observations and

  • Navantia to carry out systems upgrade on Spanish Segura minehunters

    Navantia has won a contract from the Spanish Navy to develop and install an upgraded version of its integrated platform control system (Sistema Integrado de Control de la Plataforma: SICP) for the Segura-class minehunters. The EUR8.1 million (USD9.6 million) contract will run until 2022 and include

  • South Korea selects mix of local, Israeli sensors for second Dokdo-class helicopter carrier

    Key Points The Republic of Korea Navy’s second Dokdo-class ship will feature a different set of weapons and sensors from its predecessor Improvements have been incorporated from the service’s 11-year operational experience with the first-of-class The Republic of Korea Navy’s

  • Delayed simulator hits German Navy Sea Lion preparations

    The German Navy is having to adjust its plans to introduce the NH90-variant Sea Lion helicopter into service due to a delay in procuring a bespoke simulator system, a senior service official told reporters on 14 May. Speaking at the home of German Naval Aviation at Naval Air Station (NAS) Nordholz,

  • Carrier USS Gerald R Ford cost rises

    The US Navy (NAVSEA) will have to pay more and face another schedule delay for the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford (CVN 78), the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) said on 11 May. The USN will pay another USD120 million for Ford , NAVSEA spokesman Alan Baribeau said, increasing the cost to about

  • NAVSEA releases RFI for future common-hull, multi-mission auxiliary ship

    Key Points The new construction plan includes a domestic common-hull design to replace aging mission-specific sealift and auxiliary ships The navy's 30-year shipbuilding plan envisages funding for the first CHAMP ship in FY 2028 Plans are taking shape in the US Navy (USN) for the procurement of a

  • Portugal plans to induct fifth Stanflex 300 patrol ship

    The Portuguese Navy is planning to put in service the fifth Standard Flex 300 (StanFlex 300) coastal patrol boat it acquired from the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO). The navy is currently taking steps to obtain funding to modernise the ship with communications,

  • Russia Navy deploys Su-30SM fighters to Syria

    A detachment of the Russian Naval Aviation Sukhoi Su-30SM ‘Flanker-H’ combat aircraft has deployed to the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria in the first overseas mission for the service’s newest air supremacy fighter. Two of the jets were first photographed during a media visit to the

  • German Navy to field Puma II UAS

    The German Navy has ordered the AeroVironment (AV) RQ-20B Puma II AE tactical unmanned aircraft system (UAS) under an urgent operational requirement (UOR), the manufacturer announced on 7 May. The hand-launched Puma II AE will provide the service with a persistent intelligence, surveillance, target

  • UK takes delivery of MHC sweep demonstrator system

    Key Points The UK's MHC Sweep Capability demonstrator achieved system acceptance on 26 April The MHC Sweep demonstrator combines an 11 m ARCIMS USV, configured with a power generation module, with towed magnetic, acoustic, and electrical influences, including up to three coil auxiliary boats The

  • Boeing launches Super Hornet SLM modification

    The first US Navy (USN) Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet to enter the Service-Life Modification (SLM) process ahead of the Block 3 enhancement programme arrived at the company’s St Louis production facility in Missouri in late April. A twin-seat F/A-18F from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 106

  • US Navy completes sea tests for lightweight LCS torpedo defence mission module

    The US Navy (USN) completed two days of at-sea testing of the AN/SLQ-61 Lightweight Tow (LWT) Torpedo Defense Mission Module (TDMM) on 2 May, programme officials said. The LWT is a modular, digitally controlled soft-kill countermeasure decoy system that is similar to the AN/SLQ-25 'Nixie' system

  • USN continues ‘cultural shift’ in improving surface-fleet operations

    The US Navy (USN) is continuing to work on changing the service’s training culture in order to better prepare its surface warfare officers (SWOs), crews and their ships in the wake of the service-wide reviews prompted by the recent spate of mishaps in the Western Pacific, Secretary Richard

  • HII submits bid for two carriers

    Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) has submitted its two-ship bid to build the CVN 80 and CVN 81 Ford-class aircraft carriers at its Newport News Shipbuilding yard in Virginia and is now preparing to gear up its workforce for that work. “We submitted our proposal this week to the

  • Portuguese M-class frigates prepare for mid-life upgrade

    The first of two Portuguese Navy Bartolomeu Dias (M-class) frigates has sailed to Den Helder in the Netherlands to begin its mid-life upgrade (MLU). Work on first-of-class NRP Bartolomeu Dias (F333) will be carried out at the Royal Netherlands Navy's (RNLN's) shipyard from May and is expected to

  • Raytheon to develop USN’s Barracuda mine neutraliser

    Raytheon is to develop a new mine neutraliser vehicle to fulfil the US Navy’s (USN’s) requirement for an expendable ‘one-shot’ device able to identify and destroy bottom, near surface, and drifting mines. The system, to be known as Barracuda, will be initially deployed from

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