• DSEI 2015: Thales debuts new wideband naval high frequency radio

    Thales showcased a new wideband-ready naval high frequency (HF) radio at DSEI 2015 in London. Called the MSN 8200, the new radio features a modular architecture designed to accommodate wideband plug-ins. Speaking to IHS Jane's at the show, Thales naval communications product line manager Donna

  • NATO mulls results of fast-track cyber capability development

    The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) is evaluating the results of its first seven "fast-track" cyber-security technology micro-projects for their procurement and capability-development implications. Turning around the alliance's cumbersome procurement procedures to

  • DSEI 2015: NATO extends cyber defences

    NATO is to extend its cyber response capability over the next two years under a contract announced by Selex ES at DSEI 2015 in London on 15 September. The contract will see the full operational capability (FOC) of the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) extended to additional sites

  • Australia signs USD470 million battlefield comms contract with Boeing

    The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has signed an AUD665 million (USD470 million) contract with Boeing Defence Australia to provide enhanced battlespace telecommunications networking. The contract will see Boeing design, develop, and deliver a modern digital communications system under

  • UK MoD awards Lockheed Martin first increment of IEP

    Lockheed Martin UK announced on 1 September it has been chosen to provide the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) with a new integrated intelligence capability. Known as the Imagery Exploitation Programme (IEP), the programme is aimed at consolidating the collection, sharing, and discovery of data and at


  • Packing a punch

    Despite its small size, the New Zealand Defence Force takes pride in its ability to deliver a credible contribution to multinational operations and continues to grow a full spectrum of capabilities able to meet the challenges of an increasingly uncertain strategic environment both at home and abroad. Kate Tringham reports
  • Catching up: China's space programme marches on

    China's space programme is acquiring and fielding impressive technologies and capabilities, but must address innovation-related challenges to ensure long-term competitiveness in space. Tate Nurkin reports
  • Cyber-mercenary industry grows worldwide

    As attention focuses on inter-state cyber-warfare, private non-governmental actors have rapidly proliferated. Tim Maurer examines the rise of these often powerful proxy groups.
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  • Latvia overhauls radar capabilities

    Latvia has ordered a series of new air surveillance radars from the United States, in a major overhaul of its air-defence network. In total seven new radars have been ordered from contractors ThalesRaytheonSystems and Lockheed Martin. Explaining the purchases, the commander of the Latvian Armed
  • Brazil set to conclude first stage of COBRA soldier project

    The Brazilian Army by late 2015 is to conclude the initial step of its Combatente Brasileiro (COBRA) soldier modernisation project, aimed to equip troops with the latest soldier-borne technologies. Around 100,000 troops are to be equipped with advanced gear through 2021, the army told IHS Jane's on
  • DSEI 2015: Terma launches new small ship mission system

    Danish systems and sensors house Terma unveiled a new compact tactical mission system for small ships at DSEI 2015 in London. Based on the company's full-sized C-Flex combat management system, C-Flex Compact is a scaled-down version designed to meet the requirements of maritime patrol vessels


  • MILTECHâ„¢ 5042 military ruggedised communication system

    Type Fibre optic communications equipment, transmission Description The MILTECH™ 5042 rugged, military grade communication is a system for transferring video, serial (RS-422) data, discrete signals and Gigabit Ethernet traffic over single strand tactical fibre. The 5042's mechanical

  • Remote Secure Receiver (RSR)

    Type GPS device, anti-jamming/spoofing Development According to the contractor the Remote Secure Receiver (RSR) has been developed to protect against GPS jamming and spoofing for soldiers using combinations of commercial smartphones, tablets and military off-the-shelf devices. Rockwell says that

  • IRTS Lightweight Airborne Console

    Type Airborne C2 console Development First noted by IHS Jane's at the 2010 Eurosatory Exhibition and subsequently at the 2012 event. Description A single screen console constructed out of lightweight materials and specially designed for airborne use. Operator interfaces can include touchscreen,

  • BEACON Mk III full duplex crypto device

    Type Encryption equipment, data Description BEACON Mk III is a full-duplex crypto device designed to provide high grade of security for data communications running over different media, including normal telephone lines (with the use of a V.92 modem), RS-232 networks and Local Area Networks