• North Korean rocket launch reveals 'cloaking' measures, reignites East Asian BMD debate

    North Korea's launch on 7 February of what it claimed was a rocket carrying an Earth observation satellite has revealed a number of measures taken to frustrate analysis of the launch and reignited the debate about how best to counter Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions. Somewhat

  • TSG develops new 2C system for maritime SA

    Israel's TSG has developed a new real-time maritime intelligence capability that provides improved situational awareness (SA) for coastguards and navies to alert them to piracy, illegal fishing, and other activities. TSG, a subsidiary of Ness Group, has sold its second 2C system since its

  • UralVagonZavod develops all-round upgrade for T-72

    UralVagonZavod has developed a new general upgrade package for the T-72 main battle tank (MBT). The development follows efforts to improve the survivability of the T-72 through upgrade offerings that introduce the Arena-E hard kill active defence systems (ADS) and another focused on operations in

  • Countries starting to use non-state middlemen for cyber ops

    Key Points Nation states are reaching agreements with non-state actors to route cyber attacks and hacks The resulting difficulty with attribution complicates US deterrence efforts Countries are making deals with non-state groups to route their cyber activities, a ploy to help obscure the source

  • Swedish Navy to receive CAE synthetic tactical training consoles in early 2016

    Key Points The Royal Swedish Navy is set to receive 42 Tactical Mission Trainers in 2016, as part of the Naval Warfare Training System being delivered by CAE The system will enable instructors to train sailors on a range of mission scenarios The Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) is set to receive 42

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  • Russian deployment of new Pantsyr to Syria confirmed

    Russia has deployed the new version of the Pantsyr air defence system to its Humaymim airbase in Syria, footage broadcast by the RT news channel on 3 February has confirmed. Russia has had at least one Pantsyr-S1 at Humaymim since 3 October 2015, when its Ministry of Defence released a photograph
  • Syrian military fields surveillance camera systems

    Syrian troops have begun using electro-optical systems to monitor battlefields, video and still imagery from multiple locations have shown. The first imagery appeared in a report by Life News Russia in early December 2015 showing a camera mounted on a telescopic mast elevated through the roof of a


  • MILTECHâ„¢ 5042 military ruggedised communication system

    Type Fibre optic communications equipment, transmission Description The MILTECH™ 5042 rugged, military grade communication is a system for transferring video, serial (RS-422) data, discrete signals and Gigabit Ethernet traffic over single strand tactical fibre. The 5042's mechanical

  • Remote Secure Receiver (RSR)

    Type GPS device, anti-jamming/spoofing Development According to the contractor the Remote Secure Receiver (RSR) has been developed to protect against GPS jamming and spoofing for soldiers using combinations of commercial smartphones, tablets and military off-the-shelf devices. Rockwell says that

  • IRTS Lightweight Airborne Console

    Type Airborne C2 console Development First noted by IHS Jane's at the 2010 Eurosatory Exhibition and subsequently at the 2012 event. Description A single screen console constructed out of lightweight materials and specially designed for airborne use. Operator interfaces can include touchscreen,

  • BEACON Mk III full duplex crypto device

    Type Encryption equipment, data Description BEACON Mk III is a full-duplex crypto device designed to provide high grade of security for data communications running over different media, including normal telephone lines (with the use of a V.92 modem), RS-232 networks and Local Area Networks