• Aliter introduces B2R tactical broadband radio system

    Slovak company Aliter Technologies has introduced its new B2R tactical broadband system, which is designed to create a secure and resilient network for simultaneous transmission of data, video, and voice communications via mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) techniques. The B2R is intended for use in

  • Harris Corporation readies new tactical radios for US special forces

    Key Points Harris Corporation will deliver the first batch of RF-335M tactical radio systems in September 2017 to US Special Operations Command The company plans to participate in the Next-Generation Man-Pack programme, with its entry based on an improved variant of its AN/PRC-158 Multi-channel

  • Further details emerge on RUAG data breach

    Further details on the cybersecurity breach at Swiss firm RUAG emerged on 23 May, with Switzerland's CERT reporting that the firm lost approximately 23 Gb of data during the attack. According to the government report, hackers used malware from the Turla family to carry out the attack, with the

  • UK to focus on simulation for command training at joint level

    The United Kingdom will utilise simulation almost exclusively to train the headquarters (HQ) of its new high readiness force, according to Vice Admiral Duncan Potts, the director general Joint Force Development and Defence Academy. Speaking at the International Training and Education Conference

  • Navy League 2016: Cobham's newest GaN radars offer improvements over solid-state systems

    Cobham is introducing a new line of scalable gallium nitride (GaN)-based solid-state transmitter solutions for ground, maritime, and airborne applications. SOLSTx offers a number of advantages over traditional solid-state radars, such as increased Mean Time Between Critical Failure (MTBCF), reduced

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  • New Elta aerostat payload unveiled

    Israeli aerostat manufacturer RT has announced it has integrated a new payload that combines both electro-optical (EO) and radar sensors with its latest model, the Skystar 330. Called the ELI-3332, the new payload is made by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) subsidiary Elta and can only be carried
  • KADDB readies sighting system upgrade for Al Hussein MBT

    Jordan's King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has built and tested an upgraded thermal imaging system for the Al Hussein main battle tank (MBT) in service with the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). The Al Hussein is the locally named version of the British Army Challenger 1 MBT. More
  • DARPA's SHARK completes at-sea testing

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is wrapping up an effort to develop a loitering autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) to detect and track submarines in the deepest regions of the ocean. The 23 ft (7 m) long UUV is designed to dwell at depths of up to 6,000 m until