• US AFRL develops sensor pod to navigate in GPS-denied environments

    Key Points US AFRL develops navigation technology for times without GPS GPS can be easily denied in certain environments The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) developed a sensor pod allowing warfighters to navigate when global positioning system (GPS) signals aren't available. The sensor

  • IDF setting up new Cyber Command

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is in the process of creating a new Cyber Command that will be integrated with the existing C4i Directorate and be responsible for all defensive cyber operations and intelligence gathering, a senior IDF cyber official stated on 14 May. In a departure from plans

  • KB Display develops eyewear-mounted system

    Belarus' KB Display has developed a helmet-mounted display system designed for future soldier packages. The NSI-06.2 [Nashlemnaya Sistema Indikatsii - helmet-mounted indicating system] micro-display is integrated with the wearer's tactical protective glasses. The micro-display system was developed

  • Militaries shift to automated cyber defence

    Military customers are increasingly turning to automation to combat cyber threats, according to UK-based cyber security specialist, Titania. The company produces software aimed at automated configuration auditing: analysing cyber infrastructure for vulnerabilities that could potentially be

  • General Dynamics demonstrates long-range voice and video communications during S2ME2

    General Dynamics has shown that by using elevated antenna pairs to overcome the curvature of the earth, long line-of-sight communication ranges can be achieved. During the US Marine Corps-sponsored Ship-to-Shore Maneuver, Exploration and Experimentation (S2ME2) event held at Camp Pendleton,


  • Hybrid warfare: An evolving threat

    As NATO prepares for its next summit at the end of the month, Brooks Tigner reports on the persistent threat that hybrid warfare presents to NATO and EU forces
  • View from above

    Military satellite networks are an increasingly vital component for a range of activities, from location-tracking to communications. However, in the 'New Space' era, it is becoming cheaper and easier than ever before to launch satellites, presenting opportunities to nations and companies who may not previously have been involved in the sector. Gerrard Cowan reports
  • Silent watch: Vetronics technology creates new vehicle roles

    Emerging onboard technologies are on the cusp of reducing needs for power-switching strategies in overburdened military vehicles and providing electrical power for mobile posts and systems. Anika Torruella explores the possibilities as 'vetronics' rapidly advance
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