• NRL's SHAW aims to maintain communications in A2/AD environments

    The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is developing an affordable wireless communications waveform that can stand up against enemy interference, enabling personnel to operate their radios in contested environments. To enable continuous operations in an anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environment

  • NRL research demonstrates ability for radios to reconnect across a network without interruption

    The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is developing the capability for radios to autonomously select and re-select frequencies to avoid bandwidth congestion and jamming. The effort could potentially make forces less dependent on spectrum managers who must manually set channels, as well as remove

  • Raytheon closes out 2016 with one more Patriot IAMD Configuration 3+ award

    Raytheon announced on 29 December it has secured a direct commercial sales contract worth more than USD600 million to upgrade an undisclosed country's Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) system to the Configuration 3+. "Patriot continues to outpace the evolving threat because

  • Brazil announces establishment of new cyber defence command

    The Brazilian Army has approved the establishment of a cyber defence command, known as Comando de Defesa Cibernética (ComDCiber), to help protect the country's online infrastructure. Essentially, the move creates regulatory measures needed to establish the command and prescribes

  • Bodytrak soldier-monitoring system readies for trials

    UK-based Inova Design Solutions' Bodytrak system is set to undergo trials with the British Army and be used in support of a military charity expedition to Antarctica. Bodytrak uses an in-ear device - akin to an audio earphone - to monitor vital signs from the human body, ultimately to include core

  • Bolivian Army receives tactical vehicles, communications equipment

    The Bolivian Army has received 50 modified 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup trucks adapted for tactical transport and border control duties. The vehicles are armed with 7.62x51 mm SIG 710-3 light machine guns fitted on a reinforced 1.2-ton capacity chassis, and other additions include removable fuel

  • US Navy explores counter-UAS capabilities

    The US Navy is seeking near-term technological solutions to address threats from small remotely-piloted aircraft to its ships, bases, and other installations. Officials at the Naval Surface Warfare Centre in Dahlgren, Virginia, want to explore "mature, field-ready" counter-small unmanned

  • Cognitive Systems demonstrates compact EW capabilities, partners with ARL

    Cognitive Systems has commenced testing of its on-a-chip electronic warfare (EW) system on board a commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Speaking at the inaugural International UAV Show in Toronto in December, Nebu John Mathai, director of strategic initiatives at Cognitive Solutions, told IHS

  • India issues global tender for AESA radar and EW suites to equip Tejas LCA

    India's state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has invited overseas bids for 80 active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars and an equal number of electronic warfare (EW) suites to equip the locally developed Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk 1A variant. HAL issued on 14 December

  • PLAN operates towed and variable depth sonars in South China Sea exercise

    Chinese news media recently reported that a destroyer squadron from the South Sea Fleet of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) conducted a week-long anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise that concluded in late November. A 1 December article, published on chinanews.com, was illustrated with the

  • DARIN-III-equipped Jaguars receive Indian IOC

    The Indian Air Force (IAF) has received initial operational clearance (IOC) for its upgraded SEPECAT Jaguar fighters featuring the locally developed Display Attack Ranging Inertial Navigation-III (DARIN-III) avionics suite for precision bombing. Subhash Bhamre, minister of state for defence, told

  • DARPA adds Raytheon to RADICS fold

    Raytheon has received a USD9 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to provide the United States' power grid operators with the ability to detect and respond to a cyber-attack. DARPA's Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation, and Characterization (RADICS) programme

  • US Pacific Command confirms China seized Slocum G2 AUV

    The autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) seized by a Chinese naval vessel on 16 December was a Teledyne-Webb Slocum G2 glider, which are used for oceanographic research with significant military applications. Lieutenant Commander Matt Knight, a US Pacific Command (USPACOM) spokesperson, confirmed

  • Cognitive Systems looks to military applications for 'radio on a chip'

    Cognitive Systems is looking to transition its commercial R10 integrated circuit (IC), referred to as "radio frequency [RF] situational awareness on a chip", to military customers seeking a high-performance, agile, and low-size, weight, and power (SWaP) solution. RF situational awareness

  • Czech Republic picks Elta for radar requirement

    The Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 14 December that it had selected IAI Elta Systems as the winner of its tender for new 3D mobile air defence radar (MADR) for the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR). The MoD said it will prepare a contract with Elta Systems before 23 December to supply

  • Meggitt introduces desktop weapons training solution

    Meggitt Training Systems has developed a desktop trainer for the M1134 Stryker Anti-tank Guided Missile (ATGM)-variant based on its existing embedded training solution. The company showcased it for the first time at the 2016 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference

  • Boeing delivers first GATM-upgraded E-3 to NATO

    The first of 14 Boeing E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft to be upgraded for operations in commercial airspace has been delivered back to NATO, the company announced on 13 December. The aircraft, which had been fitted with global air traffic management (GATM) technology, was

  • NAWCTSD receives VR prototype for mission rehearsal

    Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has developed a prototype high-fidelity virtual reality (VR)-based F/A-18 Super Hornet flight simulator for the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD). The system integrates an Oculus Rift CV1 with BISim's VBS Blue whole-earth rendering

  • Saab unveils TES training systems

    Saab announced new contracts and technology developments for its live Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) systems at the 2016 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) exhibition in Orlando in December. Hans Lindgren, head of marketing and sales for Saab

  • UPDATE: USN's Next Generation Jammer transitions into development

    Key Points The Next Generation Jammer is being developed by Raytheon to replace the EA-18G's legacy ALQ-99 tactical jamming pod NGJ Increment 1 addresses mid-band capabilities, with Increments 2 (low- band) and 3 (high-band) to follow The Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) Increment 1 (Inc 1)

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