Infantry Weapons

GDOTS develops new 155 mm practice projectile

20 October 2017

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GDOTS) representatives have revealed to Jane’s that the company is working on a new 155 mm artillery projectile in association with the US Army.

The M112E1 practice high-explosive (HE) projectile is a modification of the type classified M1122, which is itself based on the M483A1 HE DPICM [dual-purpose improved conventional munition] carrier projectile. The M1122 was designed as a cheap replacement of the M804A1 spotting projectile that is used in weapon and spotting crew training. The M1112 also better emulates the ballistics of the M795 HE shell as the M804A1 was based on the M107 HE shell and not the M795.

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