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Peruvian government offensive against insurgents in coca region to increase attacks against helicopters and construction works

18 October 2017


Mercedes Aráoz, the president of the Council of Ministers, announced on 12 October that the government would continue intensifying operations within the Valley of Rivers Apurimac, Ene and Manta (VRAEM) region to capture the remnants of the insurgent group Sendero Luminoso (SL) and tackle drug trafficking in that area; known for having the world's largest concentration of coca crops.

According to Aráoz, there have been 2,800 operations in the VRAEM this year, involving troops from the 56 military bases located in the area. This is part as part of the 2017–21 counter-narcotics strategy, which aims to eradicate 50% of Peru's existing coca crops and replace them with, among others, coffee and cacao.

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