Country Risk

Plan to announce independence referendum for southern Yemen creates high risk of renewed militia fighting in Aden

17 October 2017


On 14 October, the leader of the Southern Transition Council (STC), former governor of Aden, Aydarus al-Zubaidi, announced that an independence referendum would be announced soon across Southern Yemen, without specifying a date.

The STC is a self-declared political entity, backed by the UAE and established in May 2017, tasked with representing southern Yemen, rather than President Abdurabu Mansour Hadi’s internationally recognised government, and aiming to pursue the region’s independence. Al-Zubaidi’s announcement was made in Aden during celebrations to mark the 54th anniversary of the revolt against British rule in Southern Yemen, during which tens of thousands of Southern activists converged in the Mualla district of Aden.

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