Colombia’s CIAC teaming with Airbus for potential Atlante+ UAV

26 September 2017

The Colombian Aviation Industry Corporation (Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana: CIAC) has shelved its IRIS unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) project and is now working towards a deal to develop a new UAV with Spain and Airbus.

The state-owned CIAC test flew its IRIS, but the aircraft used heavy materials and UAV development is changing quickly so it has moved on to other project, the key being a joint effort with Airbus for the Atlante+, Colonel Alexander Pena, CIAC’s sub-director and interim general manager, told reporters in Bogota on 26 September.

The Colombian and Spanish governments, along with CIAC and Airbus, are working to develop Atlante+ for their militaries and for eventual export.

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