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Rheinmetall demonstrates infantry system concept

19 September 2017
Rheinmetall demonstrated its infantry system concept, consisting of IdZ-ES and Boxer manned and 'Mule' unmanned vehicles, at its Unterlüss test centre on 19 September. Source: Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall held the first dynamic field demonstration of its infantry system concept at its Unterlüss test centre in northern Germany on 19 September. The system consists of the Infanterist der Zukunft - Erweitertes System (Future Soldier - Expanded System, IdZ-ES), the RS556 assault rifle with which Rheinmetall is bidding to replace the Bundeswehr’s G36 assault rifle, manned, and unmanned vehicles, all networked sharing a common picture of the battlefield.

A Boxer 8x8 armoured vehicle with a Lance turret returned from trials in Australia to take part in the demonstration. During the demonstration, the vehicle transported a pair of soldiers equipped with IdZ-ES equipment to dismount close to a village to check it out for suspicious activities involving improvised explosive devices. Their movements could be followed on displays providing situational awareness and blue force tracking.

The demonstration also involved the ‘Mule’ Unbemanntes Mehrzwecksfahrzeug (Multi Mission Unmanned Vehicle) from Rheinmetall Canada. Already demonstrated at the Bundeswehr’s infantry school at Hammelburg, the ‘Mulie’, as it is affectionately called by Rheinmetall, can reconnoiter and supply areas too dangerous for soldiers to do so, according to Carsten Wawrzetzka, test engineer at Rheinmetall.

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