Country Risk

Hamas’s engagement with Palestinian Authority (PA) reduces war risks, but is unlikely to be accepted by Israel

18 September 2017


On 17 September, Hamas announced that it would dissolve the Gaza administrative committee, the body that it has been using to govern the Gaza Strip since 14 March 2017, instead it committed to the formation of a unity government.

Hamas officials also stated a willingness to participate in legislative elections as a part of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Hamas has hitherto boycotted legislative elections since its election victory in 2006 was rejected by Fatah, and has controlled Gaza after seizing it in a brief civil war in 2007. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has made Hamas’s unconditional acceptance of the PA’s authority and the holding of elections as preconditions for the easing of restrictions imposed since March on electricity supply, wages, and medical supplies to Gaza.

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