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DSEI 2017: Lockheed Martin’s 40 mm Modular Turret reveals hidden depths

15 September 2017

The 40 mm Modular Turret from Lockheed Martin UK, designed initially to up-arm the Warrior infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), was displayed at DSEI with a number of new capabilities. While none of the systems shown have been selected by any customers, they demonstrate the potential for upgrading and customising the turret to suit customer needs.

Lockheed Martin's displayed its 40 mm Modular Turret at DSEI (IHS Markit/Samuel Cranny-Evans)Lockheed Martin's displayed its 40 mm Modular Turret at DSEI (IHS Markit/Samuel Cranny-Evans)

The turret is the result of significant investment from Lockheed Martin and employs common systems from the Ajax reconnaissance vehicle in the United Kingdom and the Jaguar armoured fighting vehicle from France. The addition of an externally launched Javelin missile provides an engagement envelope of 4 km as well as gives the platform a credible firepower capability against main battle tanks. This shows the modular turret is capable of maintaining a place within the international market and can be built with stretch capacity for greater firepower.

Part of the Lockheed Martin stand was a virtual demonstrator, which was used to exhibit the mission systems that can be fitted to the turret. These included a controller that closely resembles the system used in the Warrior as well as a complete set of cameras that are accessed via buttons surrounding an LCD screen and provide a 360⁰ view of the vehicle’s surroundings. The fully stabilised 40 mm CTA cannon is simple to operate using the controller, enabling reasonable proficiency to be gained in tracking and engaging targets within a very short space of time.

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