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DSEI 2017: Chess Dynamics details Hawkeye enhancements

15 September 2017

Chess Dynamics detailed enhancements to its Hawkeye electro-optical surveillance system at DSEI 2017 in London. Hawkeye is designed to be a rapidly installed system that provides light reconnaissance vehicles with a persistent surveillance and observation capability.

Jackal equipped with the Hawkeye system (Chess Dynamics)Jackal equipped with the Hawkeye system (Chess Dynamics)

Hawkeye comprises a stabilised gimbal platform housing a Gen 4 cooled thermal imager, long-range day/low light level camera, and laser rangefinder (LRF). Optional payload sensors include a laser target marker (LTM), laser target designator, and a near infrared pointer visible to night-vison device-equipped personnel.

A pneumatic mast provides up to 4 m of elevation for the sensor head allowing the platform to remain in cover while the operator observes a target area from a hull-down position.

Hawkeye features a quick-fit design and installation to a platform of choice takes less than one hour, according to the company. When dismounted Hawkeye provides an operating capability when mounted to a tripod and connected to an external power supply.

The system has an IP output and integrates with wider C4I systems enabling a vehicle to share images, video, and targeting data with other network connected platforms across a variety of bearer systems. A rugged computer provides touchscreen system control and includes a video management software suite that uses a customised control interface.

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