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DSEI 2017: Thales to target NATO market with not-so-new F90 MBR

14 September 2017

At the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2017 conference Thales announced that it had released a ‘new’ assault rifle based on the bullpup design F90 currently in service with the Australian Defence Force, but with the intention of marketing it to the European and NATO sector based on a degree of greater interoperability. While the 5.56 mm F90 MBR has a selection of new features it differs only slightly from the existing F90 with the majority of the architecture unchanged.

During the launch, Thales demonstrated a number of changes that had been made to the rifle’s ergonomics. These include a trigger-finger operable forward-magazine release on both sides of the rifle in addition to the standard release in the lower stock.

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