DSEI 2017: Open Works Engineering details SkyWall 300 C-UAV system

15 September 2017
SkyWall 300 can be integrated at static sites or on vehicles. Source: IHS Markit/James Bingham

Open Works Engineering has released technical details of the company’s turret-mounted counter-UAV system, the SkyWall 300 automatic drone capture system.

Currently in development, the SkyWall 300 can be secured to a static position or fitted to the roof of a vehicle.

It uses a net-based countermeasure - also developed by the company - and has an effective range of 250 m, providing hemispherical coverage over the vehicle or static site. The system has a minimum range of 10 m and is capable of capturing UAVs moving at a maximum speed of 50 m/s. The SkyWall 300 uses a general purpose graphics processing unit-accelerated drone identification and tracking system to enable automated identification and tracking of UAVs. This was developed by Swedish embedded systems manufacturer Antmicro.

The SkyWall 300 uses the same range of capture projectiles as the handheld SkyWall 100. These include the SP40-ER extended range net and parachute system, the SP40 net and parachute system, the SP10 net system, and the SP01 training projectile. When deployed a target UAV is entangled in an 8 m² net that is launched by a 4,500 psi compressed air system. The SkyWall 300 can be integrated with command and control systems as well as UAV detection equipment.

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