MSPO 2017: Polish–Ukrainian ZRN-01 Stokrotka MRL unveiled

11 September 2017

WB Group of Poland and UkrOboronProm of Ukraine unveiled their jointly developed ZRN-01 Stokrotka (Daisy) 80 mm multiple rocket launcher (MRL) at the MSPO international defence industry exhibition in Kielce, Poland, on 5–8 September. The system is designed primarily to protect forces and military facilities from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters, but also to assist land forces in detecting and destroying infantry, light armoured vehicles, command posts, and fuel and ammunition depots.

WB Group and UkrOboronProm unveiled their jointly developed ZRN-01 Stokrotka 80 mm MRL at MSPO. (Igor Bozinovski)WB Group and UkrOboronProm unveiled their jointly developed ZRN-01 Stokrotka 80 mm MRL at MSPO. (Igor Bozinovski)

The ZRN-01 system is based on a launcher unit with 360° freedom of horizontal movement (rotation) and vertical elevation from -10 to +80°. It features a pair of parallel mounted B8V20 rocket launchers that are standard for Mi-8/17/171 and Ka-29 assault transport helicopters, as well as for Mi-24/35, Mi-28, and Ka-52 attack helicopters. Each launcher holds 20 Ukrainian-made Artem RS-80P unguided rockets with time fuzes and different types of warheads.

The launcher unit employs a mast-mounted WB Group GS400 dual sensor head with daylight and infrared cameras, as well as a laser range finder. The system currently connects to ground-based radar able to detect UAVs at ranges up to 6 km. When production begins, customer-selected radar will become an integral part of the ZRN-01, increasing its range.

With a three-man crew, the ZRN-01 uses an Autobox Star 266M2 6x6 modified terrain vehicle with an eight-ton winch and a range of 700 km. The system can engage ground targets at a range of up to 7,000 m, and aerial targets up to 4,000 m.

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