OSINT Training

Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) Training

03 August 2017

Learn how to more efficiently and effectively exploit social media sources to inform multi-source intelligence assessments. Register now

Social Media Intelligence Training (1.5 days)

The aim of the 1.5-day Jane’s Social Media Intelligence training course is to equip analysts, investigators, and other intelligence professionals with a better understanding of the changing social media landscape, and to provide them with foundation level skills and tools they need to search, monitor, and analyse social media more effectively.

Workshop Objectives

• Understand the social media landscape

• Understand social media uses and limitations

• Place social media in its wider context

• Develop greater social media fluency

Pricing (per person)

· Corporate rate: $1,425

· Government/Military rate: $1,200

Dates and Location

5-6 October: London

29-30 November: London

Course Delivery

The course is intended to be engaging, interactive, and practitioner-focused, leveraging case studies that are relevant to participants’ professions to explain the uses and limitations of social media as an intelligence source. Participant engagement is encouraged throughout, with regular short exercises and Q+A sessions. Course tutors have extensive professional backgrounds in the development and delivery of open-source information collection, collation, and analysis solutions, and provision of consultancy and thought leadership to customers on how to maximise the use of open source and social media information for investigative and intelligence analysis purposes.


Contact the Jane’s OSINT Training Team

E: Janes@ihsmarkit.com T: +44 (0) 203 253 2373

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