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IAI develops tactical HF COMINT system

06 September 2017

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced on 5 September that it has developed a compact version of a ground and naval high-frequency (HF) communications intelligence (COMINT) and direction-finding system.

The system, known as ELK-7065, is described by IAI as a "small-sized mobile sensor" designed for "tactical ground HF COMINT missions as well as for naval missions". A company source told Jane's that the system intercepts HF communications and uses them to track the location of those sending the signals.

Developed by IAI subsidiary Elta, ELK-7065 is designed to intercept and decrypt HF radio signals, which IAI said are becoming more ubiquitous in the world of combat operations, particularly by those seeking to bypass "expensive satellite communications or risk being intercepted through cellular communication servers".

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