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Graflight V-8 engine ground tested under AFRL contract

29 August 2017

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Advanced Power Technology Office, working with Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS) and the Arnold Engineering and Development Complex, has completed ground-based testing of an advanced compact diesel engine that could be used for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Developed and built by EPS, the Graflight V-8, 4.3-litre engine is a ‘clean sheet’ design specifically intended for aircraft use rather than an adaptation of an existing automotive powerplant. Rated in the range of 320hp to 420hp, the liquid-cooled, turbocharged engine is designed for both single and twin-engine aircraft applications.

EPS was awarded a USD4.6 million contract by the AFRL in September 2015 under the High Efficiency Innovative Aviation Diesel Engine effort.

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