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Army-2017: VPK showcases BTR-87 APC

23 August 2017
VPK unveiled the BTR-87 APC at Army-2017. Source: Nikolai Novichkov

Russia's Military Industrial Company (VPK) has unveiled the BTR-87 armoured personnel carrier (APC) at the Army-2017 international military-technical exhibition, outside Moscow.

The vehicle on display features a frontally mounted powerpack, with the troop compartment located in the rear. The APC is based on the chassis of the BTR-82A APC, also developed by VPK.

The BTR-87 is designed to transport and support motor riflemen (motorised infantry) on the battlefield. The vehicle's armament suite can engage soft-skin targets, armoured vehicles, small surface combatants, and soldiers. Its ballistic armour protects the combat crew against small arms and shell splinters. The APC is additionally equipped with a nuclear, biological, and chemical protection system.

According to VPK, the BTR-87 is a four-axle, amphibious 8 x 8 vehicle with a combat weight of 16 tons, two crewmembers, and a passenger capacity of eight dismounts. Its 312 hp YaMZ-53602 engine has a power-to-weight ratio of 19.26 hp/t, producing a maximum road speed of 90 km/h and a maximum swimming speed of 10 km/h. The powerplant is combined with a mechanical gearbox that can be replaced by an automatic transmission.

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