Air-Launched Weapons

LRASM tactical configuration completes first flight from B-1B

22 August 2017

A first firing of a production-representative, tactical configuration AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) has been completed from a US Air Force (USAF) B-1B Lancer bomber.

Conducted on 17 August over the Sea Range at Point Mugu, California, the LRASM all-up-round executed a number of pre-planned waypoints, transitioned to mid-course guidance and flew toward the moving maritime target using inputs from its onboard multi-mode sensor. The missile then descended to low altitude for final approach to target area, positively identifying and then impacting the target.

Developed by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, LRASM is a precision-guided, anti-ship standoff missile derived from the AGM-158B Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile - Extended Range (JASSM-ER) but modified to incorporating a new multimode (passive radio frequency and imaging infrared) sensor suite.

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