Infantry Weapons

KAC introduces enhanced Stoner 63 LMG

10 August 2017

Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) has developed a new version of its Stoner 63 machine gun – the Stoner Extra – Light machine gun (X-LMG).

The innovative Stoner 63 was an early 1960’s attempt to provide a modular weapon system that could be configured to provide a variety of weapon models from a short-barrelled carbine, up through rifle, light and medium machine gun variants.

The light machine gun configuration was the most successful, being taking into service by US special forces elements operating in south-east Asia as the Mark 23 Mod 0 machine gun, and was for a time - prior to the later introduction of the FN Herstal 5.56 mm MINIMI light machine gun - the only belt-fed 5.56 mm light machine gun in service.

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