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KB Kuntsevo develops new mobile air surveillance radar

03 August 2017

Russia’s KB Kuntsevo design bureau is developing a new mobile 3D active phased array air surveillance radar system designated the Uzola, Jane’s has learnt.

A scale model of KB Kuntsevo’s new Uzola mobile 3D radar system. (Miroslav Gyürösi)A scale model of KB Kuntsevo’s new Uzola mobile 3D radar system. (Miroslav Gyürösi)

The solid-state Uzola radar is designed to detect, track, and measure airborne target azimuth and elevation, ground speed, as well as perform identification friend or foe (IFF) interrogation. The company claims that the radar will be able to operate under active or passive jamming conditions, and is capable of determining the direction of active jamming sources.

The antenna unit – which weighs 1,200 kg including its turntable pedestal – measures 3.4 m tall and 2.4 m wide when fully deployed, although its height is reduced to 3 m when lowered for transportation. It can be erected within 10 minutes.

According to company specifications, the Uzola has a stated minimum and maximum range of 2 km and 200 km respectively and is capable of detecting as many as 200 simultaneous targets travelling at velocities of up to 1,200 m/s. The antenna can traverse through a full 360° azimuth with an elevation range of 0 to 80°, rotating at speeds of 30, 15, or 6 rpm depending on the mission.

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