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MAKS 2017: Russia unveils export-oriented APR-3ME anti-submarine torpedo

24 July 2017
The APR-3ME air-launched anti-submarine torpedo on display for the first time at MAKS 2017. Source: Nikolai Novichkov

JSC Region state research and manufacturing enterprise, a subsidiary of Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), unveiled its APR-3ME Orel (Vulture) air-launched anti-submarine torpedo at the Moscow Air Show (MAKS) 2017.

The APR-3ME is an upgraded and lighter variant of the APR-3E torpedo, featuring improved endurance, longer detection ranges, increased accuracy, and an anti-jamming capability. It is designed to engage submarine targets with speeds of up to 40 kt, submerged to depths of up to 800 m, in sea states up to level 6.

Like the APR-2E and APR-3E, the new anti-submarine torpedo has a calibre of 350 mm. However, its dimensions have been reduced owing to a modern electronic component base: the APR-3ME has a length of 3,250 mm (compared with 3,685 mm of the earlier versions) and a weight of 470 kg (compared with 525 kg). The missile's hydroacoustic (sonar) targeting system uses advanced algorithms. It has retained a solid propellant-powered turbo-pumpjet propulsion system of the earlier models.

The APR-3ME Orel is primarily intended for Asia-Pacific and Near Eastern littoral countries requiring ASW weapons for maritime security.

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