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Kronshtadt, Rosboronexport partner for Orion-Eh UAV

20 July 2017

Further details of Russia’s Orion-Eh unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) have emerged as its manufacturer the Kronshtadt Group signed an agreement with Rosboronexport for the latter to market the system internationally.

The Orion-Eh was unveiled by the Kronshtadt Group at the MAKS 2017 airshow in Zhukovsky, near Moscow. The medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) aircraft is primarily intended to provide an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capability.

Orion-Eh has ISR as its primary role but can be configured with an offensive payload. (N. Novichkov)Orion-Eh has ISR as its primary role but can be configured with an offensive payload. (N. Novichkov)

As presently configured the air vehicle - which is largely built of composite materials - has a wingspan of 16 m, a height of 3 m, and is 8 m long. The maximum take-off weight is stated as 1,000 kg, with a standard payload capacity of 60 kg, and the ability to carry up to 200 kg.

With regards to flight performance, Kronshtadt is claiming a horizontal flight speed of 120-200 km/h, a maximum endurance of 24 hours (with standard payload), a ceiling of 24,600 ft, and a flight range of 250-300 km.

A complete Orion-Eh system comprises four to six UAVs, a ground control station, automated take-off and landing systems, and communications elements. As standard, the Orion-Eh is equipped with an electro-optical payload that is fitted in a gimbal installed on the underside of the aircraft and towards the nose.

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