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Paris Air Show 2017: MiG-35 dubbed 'transitional link' between fourth- and fifth-gen fighters

23 June 2017

Russia is touting its MiG-35 'Fulcum-F' as a transitional platform between the fourth- and fifth-generation of combat aircraft.

Speaking to Jane's at the Paris Air Show on 19 June, Deputy General Director of RSK-MiG, Viktor Chernov, described the latest iteration of the MiG-29 as a 'bridging' platform.

As noted by Chernov, the MiG-35 has greatly expanded the use of composites, which appeared sparingly in the MiG-29, comprising up to 15% of the total materials content in the aircraft. This, in turn, has made the overall empty weight of the aircraft far less than its original design, which allows the MiG-35 to carry six additional tonnes of payload.

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