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Paris Air Show 2017: Elbit Systems reveals SkEye wide-area persistent surveillance system

23 June 2017

Elbit has revealed its SkEye wide-area persistent surveillance (WAPS) system at the latest iteration of the Paris Air Show.

Yair Ganor, the company's senior director for WAPS business development and marketing, told Jane's that the system "has already been sold to several customers and is already in service with Brazil on a Hermes 900 unmanned air vehicle".

According to Ganor, SkEye is similar in concept to the US 'Gorgon Stare' payload and uses multiple visual and infrared detectors to provide a complete high-resolution 'mosaic' video picture of some 80 km2 from a platform flying at 25,000-30,000 ft, which can be accessed by up to 10 different users.

Up to 10 regions of interest (ROI) can be accessed from this mosaic picture and analysed simultaneously using video footage from the recent and previous missions. This is achieved without neglecting the rest of the area, which is still being recorded and remains available for future interrogation.

At the heart of the system is an airborne segment consisting of the electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor unit, an advanced image-processing unit (with ram-air cooling), a large mass-storage unit, and analysis applications. The relevant information is transmitted from the airborne platform (such as a light aircraft or unmanned air vehicle [UAV]) via an embedded data link to the SkEye Control and Management Center (SCMC), which can be either fixed or mobile. These data can then be integrated with the customer's command and control (C2) system.

A fully programmable alerting system allows commanders to be notified of specific or unusual events through a customised alert mechanism. These capabilities, which complement and enhance SkEye's persistent surveillance functions, provide operators with what the company describes as "an exceptional solution for locating and monitoring different situations".

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Elbit's latest SkEye wide-area persistent surveillance payload seen mounted on a Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicle. (Elbit)Elbit's latest SkEye wide-area persistent surveillance payload seen mounted on a Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicle. (Elbit)

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