Terrorism & Insurgency

Growing Islamist control along Afghan-Tajik border likely to lead to opportunistic incursions into Tajikistan by militant groups

20 June 2017


On 16 June 2017 in the Parkhar district, Khatlon region, Tajikistan, an artillery shell exploded approximately 3km from the Afghan-Tajik border.

The shell was likely to have been launched from Afghan territory, where in previous days the Taliban had gained control of several villages in the north of Takhar region, along the Afghan-Tajik border. Since May this year, several villages in the northern Kunduz Province in Afghanistan, across the river Tajikistan were taken over by various Islamist groups, including the Taliban, the Islamic State and Jamaat Ansarullah . In late May Russia and Tajikistan held large-scale joint anti-terrorism military exercises 2017 on Tajik territory, including in the southern Khatlon region, which were larger than the previous routine exercises, most probably in response to the events in Afghanistan.

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