Naval Weapons

Soft-kill technologies could address gap in low-cost naval countermeasures

20 June 2017

Lack of investment in maritime soft-kill countermeasures from the 1980s has stagnated development of affordable countermeasures for the naval arena, limiting the spectrum of responses, a Chemring Countermeasures official told Jane's at the MAST Asia 2017 exhibition in Tokyo.

Senior business manager at Chemring Countermeasures Steve Kerchey noted that "there is an imbalanced investment in hard-kill countermeasures", which overlooks the role that soft-kill weapons could have in complementing hard-kill weapons for naval and maritime threats.

"The last full engagement of an anti-ship missile [ASM] was in the Falklands conflict in 1982," Kerchey said. "The event led to a huge amount of [chaff] soft-kill usage, with consequent investment in time and money to develop new countermeasures."

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