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German Special Forces receive new suppressor for G29

20 June 2017

B&T AG has developed a new suppressor for the Bundeswehr's designated marksman rifle, the G29 bolt-action sniper rifle, Jane's has learned.

Recent years have seen a growing emphasis on improving the ability for suppressors to reduce muzzle flash; this has led B&T to develop a suppressor that maintains the fundamentals of acoustic suppression whilst improving the grade of muzzle flash suppression.

In order to achieve this, the Monoblock suppressor combines new internal geometrics through its six chambers with an improved crown design cap to ensure minimal muzzle flash and sound suppression registered at 31 dB for a .338 LM round. The suppressor is fitted over the G29 muzzle break, extending the length of the rifle by 222 mm, which creates a seventh chamber to further improve sound and flash suppression.

B&T representatives confirmed to Jane's that the tender also required the Monoblock to be lightweight in comparison to other suppressors, and as such they opted for aluminium over the inconel and termex mix found on other B&T suppressors. This has allowed the suppressor to weigh in at 652 g. Despite the choice of aluminium, B&T say that the suppressor exceeds the 2,000-round service life requested by the Bundeswehr.

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The Monoblock suppressor fitted to a G29 rifle. (B&T AG)The Monoblock suppressor fitted to a G29 rifle. (B&T AG)

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