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Lightweight Gabbiano radar pitched at UAVs

19 June 2017
Rotary-wing UAV with Gabbiano TS Ultra-Light radar fitted. Source: Leonardo

Leonardo has unveiled its lightest airborne multimode radar to date.

The Gabbiano TS Ultra-Light weighs less than 24 kg and is designed for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The radar was debuted at the Paris Air Show and comprises a 12 inch nose-mounted antenna and a receiver transmitter processor (RTP). Functionality includes maritime-optimised modes such as small target and high sea state detection, as well as high-resolution (sub-metric) ground mapping based on strip and spot synthetic aperture radar (SAR). A ground moving target indicator (GMTI) allows the system to track targets of interest automatically.

Additionally, the radar has an air-to-air search and track capability, weather avoidance, and is also capable of operating in conjunction with an automatic identification system (AIS). Electro-optical sensors can be cued by the system.

The Gabbiano TS Ultra-Light has been mounted on the Hero unmanned helicopter, also manufactured by Leonardo. The Gabbiano family of radars - which vary in weight from 24 kg of the new TS Ultra-Light variant to 62 kg - are all X-band systems marketed for use over land, maritime, and littoral environments. Larger variants equip other UAVs, helicopters, and larger manned aircraft such as the Embraer KC-390.

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Gabbiano multimode radar mounted to a HERO UAV, with section cut away to show antenna. (Leonardo)Gabbiano multimode radar mounted to a HERO UAV, with section cut away to show antenna. (Leonardo)

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