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Saudi-led coalition confirms missile attack on UAE ship

16 June 2017
Al-Masirah released a video in January showing rebel fighters operating small fast attack boats. Source: Al-Masirah TVSource: Al-Masirah TV

The Saudi-led coalition confirmed on 15 June that Yemeni rebels fired a guided missile at a ship from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as it departed the southern Red Sea port of Al-Mukha.

The official Saudi Press Agency reported a coalition statement as saying the missile was fired from a boat and injured one crew member, but did not damage the ship, which it did not identify.

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces released a statement saying the missile was fired at an Emirati aid ship that was carrying medical equipment, the UAE's official WAM news agency reported.

Pro-rebel media channels reported on 14 June that a coalition warship was targeted with a missile as it carried out "hostile acts" off the Al-Mukha coast.

The pro-rebel Al-Masirah TV released a video the following day purportedly showing the missile hitting the ship at night. Neither the vessel nor the missile could be identified from the footage.

The rebels have previously carried out anti-ship missile attacks from the Al-Mukha coastline, including one that hit the UAE's high-speed logistic vessel Swift on 1 October 2016. In an apparent attempt to end this threat, Emirati and allied Yemeni forces launched an offensive up Yemen's southern Red Sea coast at the beginning of this year, securing Al-Mukha in February.

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