Infantry Weapons

KBP introduces SPO 'Varna' rocket launcher

05 June 2017

Russia's KBP Instrument Design Bureau has introduced the SPO 'Varna' infantry flamethrower to its product line. The SPO 'Varna' was developed to complement the existing RPO-A, Z, and D series of man-portable rocket launchers - although they are classified as 'flamethrowers' by KBP - with an improved performance against targets in buildings or other concealed structures in open terrain.

The Varna is a shoulder-fired, single-tube, disposable launcher, and has the same launcher tube as that of the 93 mm calibre RPO-A series. External elements of the launcher tube comprise a folding pistol grip and trigger mechanism, and a forward-folding pistol grip to steady the launcher in the firing position.

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