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SEA enhances DECKsim functionality

25 May 2017
The DECKsim suite has been extended with the introduction of the ASIST aircraft integrated and secure traverse system as a virtual entity. Source: SEA

Cohort subsidiary SEA has introduced a series of enhancements and extensions to its DECKsim flight deck simulation suite.

As well as integrating virtual reality and augmented reality goggles into the DECKsim product, the company has also developed a new Ship/Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) training application.

DECKsim is an immersive, high-fidelity 3D simulation environment developed by SEA to replicate flight deck and land-based airfield environments for training flight deck officers in aircraft handling procedures (both single-spot and multispot operations). The system is in use with the UK Royal Navy, and has also been sold to the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) and other overseas customers.

SEA has leveraged gaming technology to introduce virtual reality and augmented reality goggles into its DECKsim product. (SEA)SEA has leveraged gaming technology to introduce virtual reality and augmented reality goggles into its DECKsim product. (SEA)

The introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities into DECKsim is designed to take advantage of the latest high-fidelity gaming techniques, according to Andy McGowan, SEA's business development executive. "Gaming technology is driving the training and simulation environment," he said. "We have harnessed the latest developments in technology and added them to DECKsim to enhance the systems' training capability.

"The augmented reality and virtual reality goggle option offers a very portable solution, ideal for onboard refresher training and re-qualification."

Another extension to the DECKsim suite is the introduction of the Curtiss-Wright Aircraft Ship Integrated and Secure Traverse System (ASIST) as a virtual entity. ASIST is an automated deck-handling solution for shipboard helicopter operations that integrates the functions required for landing and on-deck operations to stow large shipborne helicopters. For flight deck officers, on-deck manoeuvring is easily conducted with a single operator with no need to connect any ancillary equipment or guide cables to the helicopter.

The ASIST virtual entity will be available on new DECKsim installations or can be retro-fitted to existing simulation software. "For navies employing ASIST, familiarity with the systems' procedures is essential for flight deck officers and other crew members operating in the aircraft environment," McGowan said.

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