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Indela Design Bureau develops VTOL UCAV

25 May 2017

Indela Design Bureau of Belarus has developed a combat-and-reconnaissance variant of its I.N.Sky vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that it displayed at this month's MILEX 2017 defence exhibition in Minsk.

The Bur combat and reconnaissance variant of the Indela I.N.Sky VTOL UAV, as shown at MILEX 2017. (N Novichkov)The Bur combat and reconnaissance variant of the Indela I.N.Sky VTOL UAV, as shown at MILEX 2017. (N Novichkov)

Called the Bur, the unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) is powered by a Wankel four-stroke, water-cooled rotary engine with a power output of 40 kW and a fuel consumption of 5-8 kg/h, Indela's general designer, Vladimir Chudakov, told Jane's .

It has a fixed landing gear and features an auxiliary wing with two hardpoints for weapons. "The vehicle is fitted with an avionics suite that provides take-off, flight, hovering, and landing in automated mode, as well as the payload and onboard datalink control," the general designer said.

According to Chudakov, the VTOL UCAV is designed to engage enemy personnel, soft-skin vehicles, and buildings; suppress enemy firing positions; monitor terrain in real time; detect and track objects, calculating their co-ordinates; and transfer both TV and infrared video data.

The Bur can be used day and night, in both clear and adverse weather, from a 30 m 2 unprepared airfield. The vehicle has a length of 3.052 m, a height of 1.346 m, and a rotor diameter of 3.4 m, while its auxiliary composite wings have a span of 1.8 m.

The Bur features a maximum take-off weight of 150 kg (including a 29 kg fuel load), a flight endurance of 3-5 hours, and cruises at a speed of 70 km/h.

Two containerised 90 mm rockets and an electro-optic targeting system are attached to the auxiliary wing. The stabilised targeting system incorporates a thermal imager, a colour day camera, a laser rangefinder, and a ballistic calculator. The rockets, which are fitted with folding steel tail fins and a small penetrating charge, feature a high-temperature/high-pressure blast effect and are said to be highly effective against soft-skinned targets.

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