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Belarus develops new lightweight rocket launcher

25 May 2017

Belarusian company BSVT-VV is developing a new multipurpose rocket launcher called the MM-60, a representative of the company told Jane's at the MILEX 2017 exhibition in Minsk.

A prototype of the BSVT-VV MM-60 rocket launcher. Trials of the system are scheduled for next year. (BSVT-VV)A prototype of the BSVT-VV MM-60 rocket launcher. Trials of the system are scheduled for next year. (BSVT-VV)

"Having analysed recent conflicts, the world market, and potential customers' requirements, we have decided that a portable rocket launcher with a weight of 4-5 kg is the most demanded and highly sought option," the official said. "The launcher being developed has a calibre of 60 mm, a weight of approximately 4 kg without sighting system, and a full weight of 5 kg," he added.

According to the BSVT-VV source, the new system allows the precise elimination of targets at a range of up to 500 m through the use of an advanced fire control unit that drastically reduces the impact of the so-called 'human factor'.

"It can destroy various types of targets, including personnel, buildings, and armoured vehicles," the specialist pointed out.

The new system comprises a disposable rocket launcher and an external sighting system, namely either an optical sight, a night-vision device, or a thermal imager.

"The weapon is fitted with a multipurpose warhead that combines high-explosive, fragmentation and high-explosive anti-tank lethal effects, said the BSVT-VV official, claiming that it "can engage almost all types of combat vehicles on the battlefield".

He added that "the ballistic specifications of the system are planned to be tested this year, while the trials are scheduled for 2018".

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