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Sudan MIC fleshes out Sarsar APC family

22 May 2017

Sudan's Military Industrial Corporation (MIC) has released further details of its expanded Sarsar family of 4x4 armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

MIC has not released details of the Sarsar's chassis, but this could be based on a commercial model that has been fitted with an all welded steel body, which provides the occupants with protection from small-arms fire and shell splinters.

However, the lower part of the hull does not appear to be V-shaped to provide a higher level of protection against mines and improvised explosive devices.

A similar layout has been adopted across the Sarsar family, with the protected engine compartment to the front and with the commander and driver to the immediate rear.

The fully enclosed troop compartment is at the rear with the dismounts being seated three on either side, facing inwards, and entering and leaving via a large rear door.

The Sarsar family's baseline protection level is claimed to reach level B6, with bullet/splinter-proof windows fitted to all vehicles.

A protected weapon station (PWS) armed with a 7.62 mm or a 12.7 mm machine gun (MG) can be mounted on the roof.

The vehicles are also equipped with a similar suspension system comprising rigid axles with leaf-springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

The baseline Sarsar is powered by a six cylinder inline diesel engine developing 128hp coupled to a transmission with five forward and one reverse as well as a two-speed transfer case. This gives power-to-weight ratio of 23.27hp/tonne.

Optional equipment includes a front-mounted winch and wire mesh protection for the windows, which is of particular use in the internal security role.

Sarsar 1 has been shown fitted with firing ports below the vision devices in the rear troop compartment. There is also a firing port and associated vision device in the rear door.

It features a higher protection level, and the steel armoured hull is claimed to provide protection against 7.62 mm rounds fired from a distance of 100 m.

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Sudan's MIC has added new vehicles to its 4x4 Sarsar APC product range. Source: Christopher F FossSudan's MIC has added new vehicles to its 4x4 Sarsar APC product range. Source: Christopher F Foss

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