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IMI to unveil C-Lynx lightweight multiple rocket launcher

12 May 2017

Israel Military Industries (IMI) Systems will officially unveil a new vehicle-based light rocket launching system called the C-Lynx on 15 May.

A computer generated image shows the IMI C-Lynx mounted on a Humvee and firing an ACCULAR 12 guided munition. (IMI)A computer generated image shows the IMI C-Lynx mounted on a Humvee and firing an ACCULAR 12 guided munition. (IMI)

The system has eight launch tubes and advanced navigation and command-and-control systems that allow it to "provide fire response immediately according to the combat forces' requirements," the IMI statement said.

Rather than the 160 mm rockets usually launched from IMI's Lynx system, it uses smaller 122 mm ACCULAR 12 GPS-guided projectiles so that the launcher can be mounted on a jeep-like vehicle. The ACCULAR 12 can be fitted with either a 20 kg penetrating or controlled fragmentation warhead and has a range of 35 km.

Brigadier General (reserves) Eli Raiter, the director of IMI's Firepower Division and head of its Advanced Artillery and Missile Systems, told Jane's on 11 May that the system is designed for special forces operating behind enemy lines.

"We identified among clients that we are in touch with a very big operational need relating to elite small forces manoeuvring in the depth of enemy territory, which are often flown in to missions," he said.

"Using the ACCULAR 12, we get the same precision as bigger rockets and, although the warhead is smaller, it is still very powerful," he said. "It can strike and destroy targets, with the advantage being that the launcher is with the fighting forces. It goes where artillery guns cannot reach."

Raiter noted that until now elite forces could carry mortars, but not much else in the way of indirect fire support weapons. The C-Lynx's "light weight, speed, flexibility, and rocket capabilities that are more advanced than artillery, means units can use less munitions to attain good results".

C-Lynx will be unveiled at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference held in Tampa, Florida from 15-18 May. It will also be displayed at the Ground Warfare and Logistics Conference in Latrun, Israel.

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