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Xponential 2017: QinetiQ North America's Dragon Runner Mini to compete in LR2 programme

11 May 2017

QinetiQ North America will pursue the US Army's Lightweight Reconnaissance Robot programme (also known as LR Squared: LR2), Jane's has learned.

The LR2 programme is an infantry capability requirement that was outlined at a US Army industry day held on 12 April at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The programme is currently in the draft process at Fort Benning as requirements are being developed. The anticipated timescales are for a draft to be released next year with an integration timeline of between 2019-20.

The Dragon Runner Mini is a soldier-borne system. (QinetiQ North America)The Dragon Runner Mini is a soldier-borne system. (QinetiQ North America)

The Dragon Runner (DR) Mini is QinetiQ North America's smallest and lightest UGV, weighing less than 1.3 kg. Being compact and lightweight, the DR Mini's size and weight make it suitable for situations that require rapid deployment.

The tracked vehicle can navigate and traverse through tall grass, sand, and gravel, and is capable of climbing 10.2 cm curbs.

Due to its small size, the DR Mini is extremely portable and can be used to inspect the underside of most vehicles. It can be carried in a cargo pocket and is robust enough to be throwable. The DR Mini can be dropped from a height of 6.1 m over a 9 m distance.

Once deployed, the operator navigates the vehicle into an area to investigate using the robot's onboard high-resolution video camera. The platform features high-powered, two-way integrated radio communications.

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