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IDEF 2017: Boran lightweight towed howitzer nears qualification

11 May 2017
MKEK Boran 105 mm Air Transportable Light Towed Howitzer viewed from the rear and showing the laser rangefinder mounted on right of the ordnance. Source: Christopher F Foss

The Turkish company of Makina ve Kimya Endustrisi Kurumu (MKEK) has completed two prototypes of its 105 mm Boran Air Transportable Light Towed Howitzer (ATLTH), which it is developing to meet the requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC).

According to MKEK qualification trials will begin in May and are expected to be completed by October.

No details of the quantities of the Boran ATLTH required by the TLFC have been released but these would replace some of the ageing 105 mm M101A1 towed howitzers which were originally developed before the Second World War.

The Boran ATLTH is armed with a 105 mm/30-calibre ordnance fitted with a three-part muzzle brake and a vertical sliding breech mechanism.

When in the travelling position the complete upper part of the gun and its 105 mm ordnance is released and traversed to the rear and locked in position over the bow type trail.

It has a variable recoil system, which provides a short recoil length of 800 mm and a long recoil length of 1,200 mm.

It is fitted with an onboard Aselsan fire control system (FCS) and inertial navigation system (INS). A muzzle velocity radar is mounted above the 105 mm ordnance and feeds information to the FCS.

Standard direct and indirect fire sights are on the left side of the carriage with an example at IDEF 2017 displaying an Aselsan laser rangefinder mounted on the right side for increased accuracy in the direct fire role.

MKEK is quoting a combat weight of 1,710 kg complete with the FCS and a maximum rate of fire typically being 6 rds/min. The gun is normally operated by a crew of five and can be brought into action in 60 seconds.

It has a manual traverse of 8° and elevation from -3 to 70°.

Maximum range depends on the projectile and charge system but MKEK is quoting a maximum range of 17,000 m at sea level for the high-explosive (HE) projectile with other natures including illuminating and smoke.

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