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IDEF 2017: Roketsan highlights weapon integration efforts

10 May 2017

Turkey's Roketsan has integrated the company's OMTAS anti-tank missile system onto Otokar's Arma 6x6 armoured combat vehicle, building on the news that OMTAS will be an option to equip Turkey's new generation of tracked and wheeled weapon carrier vehicles. Additionally, the company has integrated its four-round 2.75-inch CiRiT rocket pod onto the Nurol Makina Ejder Yalçin 4x4 armoured combat vehicle, it was revealed at the IDEF'17 defence exhibition in Istanbul.

In its newly integrated configuration on Arma, the modified OMTAS anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system uses a customised twin-round launcher mounted to the right-hand side of a central pedestal, with the missile guidance system and fire-control unit positioned on this pedestal. A .50 calibre (12.7 mm) machine gun is mounted to the left-hand side of this pedestal. The two missile launch tubes are positioned horizontally, with a protective covering shielding the missile's nose-mounted infrared seeker.

This configuration is unlike the four-missile launch unit unveiled in 2013, intended to be mounted to the tracked FNSS Savunma Sistemleri Kaplan STA-Px weapon carrier, which uses two pods of two vertically-mounted missiles with the fire-control and guidance unit mounted centrally between these. Similarly, the latest integration configuration differs from the single-launch tube configuration shown mounted to an Otokar Cobra 4x4 tactical armoured vehicle. In addition to Kaplan, OMTAS could also be mounted to Turkey's new wheeled weapons carrier, which is to be based on the FNSS Savunma Sistemleri Pars 4x4 armoured vehicle, along with the Russian Kornet-E ATGW.

Roketsan's four-round CiRiT rocket pod has been mounted to the Ejder Yalçin vehicle's roof, to the right-hand side of an SARP remote weapon station.

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Four-round CiRiT rocket pod. (Christopher F Foss)Four-round CiRiT rocket pod. (Christopher F Foss)

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