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Xponential 2017: Curtiss-Wright expands Parvus DuraCOR family with XD1500

09 May 2017

Curtiss-Wright has added the new DuraCOR XD1500 mission computer to its Parvus DuraCOR family of small, lightweight, rugged mission computers, bringing server-class processing capabilities and multiterabyte data storage to a wide range of applications such as deployed C4ISR systems, server processing, and network functional virtualisation (NFV).

The DuraCOR XD1500 mission is designed for use in commercial and military platforms that require Military Standard (MIL-STD)-810G, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-1275D, Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA/DO)-160, and CE Mark compliance.

Equipped with an Intel Xeon-D processor architecture, the DuraCOR XD1500 triples the number of processor cores available on the company's earlier mission computers.

"The unique thing about the DuraCOR XD1500, not only are we introducing a small form factor mission computer that includes this processor but we are supporting up to the maximum amount of RAM [random access memory] that the architecture can support, which is up to 128 GB," Mike Southworth, product marketing manager for Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, told Jane's on 8 May. "That is not something that any small form factor competitor or other solution on the market can offer today."

"Everything that is 128 GB has to be a large 19-inch rack-type solution," he added.

The 3.17 kg system's small form factor and passively cooled chassis requires less power to operate compared to larger rack-mounted systems, Southworth noted.

Another value proposition associated with all of the DuraCOR products, he added, is modularity.

Curtiss-Wright can integrate one XMC card and five PCI Express (PCIe) cards into the box. The XMC card will enable the company to add a co-processor if there is a customer requirement.

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Curtiss-Wright has unveiled the new Parvus DuraCOR XD1500 mission computer at Xponential 2017. (Curtiss-Wright)Curtiss-Wright has unveiled the new Parvus DuraCOR XD1500 mission computer at Xponential 2017. (Curtiss-Wright)

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